What are some codes for Roblox Arcade Empire?


Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments, developed by Frogwares and distributed by Focus Home Interactive for PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch, is a mystery adventure starring the most famous detective of all time: Sherlock Holmes. The title enjoys a great graphical leap by being developed on the Unreal Engine 3 graphics engine.

Sol Cresta is a shoot’em up action video game by Platinum Games for PC, PlayStation 4 and Switch that picks up the baton of the great classics of the genre to offer its own space adventure.

Monark is a role-playing video game with turn-based combat by Lancarse and FuRyu for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Switch. Save your loved ones in the Shin Mikado Academy. A mysterious and lethal fog has enveloped the Shin Mikado Academy and plunged your whole world into madness. To save your friends, you have no choice but to enter the Other World, a dimension full of demons that lies beyond the real world.

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All Active DRIVING EMPIRE Codes 2022

We & ampos; will keep you updated with additional codes once they are released. You should be sure to redeem them as soon as possible because you and others will never know when they might expire! All of these codes have been tested as of the date this post was released. If you find one that has expired, let us know the exact code in the comments below so we can remove it!

Redeeming Arcade Empire codes is easy. Simply launch the game and press the Settings button (gear icon) in the bottom right corner. Enter all working codes separately in the text box and press Enter. You will receive confirmation if the code worked.

If you and others are looking for codes for other games, we have a bunch of them in our Roblox Game Codes post! You can also get a bunch of free stuff through our Roblox Promo Codes page.


The Reflex Analyzer is now automatically configured, making latency measurement a 1-click experience that is incredibly easy to use. All players have to do is plug the mouse into the Reflex USB port on their Reflex monitor and press Alt + R. Players will be able to switch weapons, use weapons without muzzle flashes and measure latency while playing.

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GeForce Experience has expanded game support for fast HDR screen capture from over 300 Ansel-compatible games to over 1000 GeForce Experience-compatible games. Press [Alt+F1] to save the HDR screenshot in JXR format while gaming with your HDR monitor. Try the HDR+WCG Picture Viewer from Microsoft Store to enjoy an accurate display of HDR screenshots.

Now that the beta is over, the new “Performance” panel allows you to monitor the GPU and display metrics on the screen.    On RTX 30 and RTX 20 class GPUs for desktops, there is a new automatic tuner that detects the best modified frequency setting (with an advanced analysis algorithm) and manages the GPU tuning profile for you. To access this panel, press [Alt+Z] and click “Performance”.


There are more than 180 games where the person can complete the missions of a game to get the game medal in which, adds a point for the corresponding game champion. 30 medals are required for the Blue Egg. 4 medals (one per week) are required to unlock a corresponding game medal champion, for example, if someone completes the Epic Minigames mission, they get the Fey chest for week 1. Here is the complete list of all the games participating in the event and how to get your medal.

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