Who is Kovegu in All Star Tower Defense?

Sabo all star tower defense

Remember that the level lists are somewhat subjective, so the character we place at the top level may not be the one you choose. However, there is a general consensus that some characters are generally much better than others. Please don’t feel discouraged about not playing someone because we don’t rank them high. Instead, you can use this guide as a sort of reference, so you know who to call when the right banner comes along.

Bellma is by far the best unit in the game, earning around 75,000 when placing just one of them. A five-star support unit based on Bulma from Dragon Ball, Bellma (Money Corp) can evolve to this using 2 Bellma (Money Corp), 2 Alien Soldier, 2 Alien Soldier II and 2 Alien Soldier III. She is undoubtedly the most important unit to concentrate on as soon as possible.

Flower Magus, a four-star AoE support unit based on Merlin from Fate / Grand Order, provides incredible range enhancements. Combine it with units like Gate (Gilgamesh) and Kovegu (Gogeta) for good effectiveness. Overall, it is a solid unit and one of the best support towers in the game.

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Choosing the perfect squad in All Star Tower Defense can be really difficult, which is why there’s an entire channel on the official Discord dedicated to rating different teams. But if you’re looking to quickly find out which heroes are the best, we’ve got the perfect article for you. …

If you’re looking for some in-game perks, check out our list of All Star Tower Defense codes. We also have lots of free stuff for other anime-themed Roblox games, including Shindo Life codes, Anime Fighting Simulator codes, King Piece codes, Grand Piece Online codes, Boku No Roblox codes and many more.

Vegito all star tower defense

Before I go into this list, this is just my recommendation of the best commercial units. You may find one unit more valuable than the other and may think it belongs to another tier or is missing. That’s okay, as you can still trade them. Since there are many trade units in this game, I have only chosen the best units that you should trade. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the tier list of the best trade units.

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S-Tier Death / Ryuk S-Tier Legendary Borul / Broly S-Tier First Wood Bender / Hashirama A-Tier Club Beast / Kaido A-Tier Water Goddesses / Aqua A-Tier Anti Magician / Liebe A-Tier Zaruto (GRR III) / Naruto A-Tier Davi / Dabi A-Tier Ghost Girl / Perona A- Tier Elemental (Ultimate) / Kakuzu (Ultimate) A-Tier Elemental (Water) / Kakuzu A-Tier Expert Sorcerer / Reigen B-Tier Zaruto (GRR II ) / Naruto B-Tier Elemental Wind / Kakuzu B-Tier Christmas Gift III B-Tier Summer Box III B-Tier Fire King / Sabo B- Tier Zaruto (GRR I) / Naruto C-Tier Kovegu / Gogeta C-Tier Ruffy ( Zambe) / Luffy (Zombie) Tier C Dungeon Queen (Flare Spirit) C-Tier Hog Eyezen / Hogyuko Aizen C-Tier Elemental Fire / Kakuzu (Fire) Tier C Broma Da Fool / Hisoka C-Tier Dungeon Queen (Flare Spirit ) / Asuna D- Tier Rimimaro / Kimimaro D-Tier All Powerful (Summer) / All Might (Summer) D-Tier The Assistant / Kabuto D-Tier The Curse One (Summer) / Yuji Itadori (Summer) D-Tier Puppet / Gowther D-Tier Ikki (BW) / Ichigo (Blood War) D-Tier E yezen / Aizen

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