Who can be a farmhand Skyrim?

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@Hyppy No, it’s not truly infinite. I think the name is more of a marketing thing than a technically correct description. But, the amount of permutations of even a simple template with the amount of locations, objects and NPCs in the game is huge, and there are supposed to be a lot of templates.

@Hyppy And they would clearly get repetitive long before that. But as it is, I’m hopeful (still making the first game) that there will be enough variety of templates to make them refreshing additions rather than becoming “Ho hum, another standard kill in a random stretch of tundra”.


Skyrim will hit the big zero on November 11 and the hype about the upcoming anniversary edition of the game continues to grow. Once again Skyrim has proven how vast and amazing it can be even after a decade since its release.

Players can simply wander the roads of Tamriel when they suddenly come across a farmer traveling with a lone cow in tow, covered in a swirling pattern of blue paint. When you stop to question him, the farmer claims that he is about to give the cow to the giants as a sacrifice, believing that by doing so he is preventing the giants from attacking his livestock. The painting serves as a symbol that the cow is given in good faith.

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However, giants can be aggressive creatures if you get too close or if they feel threatened in any way. A fat fool from a giants club can send you catapulting through the air like a rocket. So, you can’t help but be a little worried about the farmer, dressed in his plain shirt and cap, while you’re fully clad in your daedric armor. However, when you offer to help him, he basically says “thanks, but no thanks” because he has “everything under control”. He then takes off on his journey, apparently never to be seen again.


Once you start building a proper base, you can recruit people to work there. This guide will tell you where to recruit workers for your base in No Man’s Sky Next so you can populate your base, farm rare and valuable resources, and start exploring the deepest reaches of space.

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Once you progress through the story and start building special terminals in your base, you will receive missions to recruit people to join your cause. There are 4 different types of specialists you can hire. There is a scientist, an armorer, an overseer, and a farmer. Below is information for each of the different people you can recruit.

This is usually the first person you are told to hire. Mining overseers are geks, you can usually find one aboard a space station populated by geks. Use your galaxy map to check nearby systems with Gek in dominant life forms. The Gek are the frog-like race.


To break the enchantment, one has to reverse the daedric ritual, which will require gathering some … somewhat creepy elements. Two hearts from two different daedra . Then, a ritual candle that can be found in Ingride’s barn. Take the items to Stonebridge Mill where Ingride lies and perform the ritual. Offer the dremora heart first, then light the ritual candle and finally offer the knave heart.

Go around the farm to find rogues and a Dremora , kill them and collect the hearts. Then go to the barn to collect the ritual candle. Head to the mill and place the items on the three altars. Perform the ritual in the correct order (Dremora, Candle, Scamps) as described and the spell will be broken.

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Go to Ingride and talk to her to see if she is okay. She is a bit disoriented, but realizes that the Vestige has broken the spell and is grateful. But wait … what about Rozenn Vanne?