Where is the coffin in a bizarre day?

Three-year-old baby “resuscitates” in her coffin before being buried in a coffin.

Families, two meters away, record the moment with their cell phones, make video calls for those who could not enter with them. A cloud of mosquitoes flit among us. They land on our face shields, on our ears, on our hair, on our clothes, and on the white cassock of Father Reyber Guerrero Pintado, chaplain of El Angel, who right now is shooing them away with the red-covered New Testament in his hand.

“I am the resurrection and the life…,” the father recites, and in his seven-minute express sermon he seems to avoid that definitive word: for him, the dead have not simply died, but “have passed on to a better life,” “now rest in peace,” or “have been called by our Creator.” Although he himself fears that his mother, who lives in Piura, will become infected, Father Guerrero is convinced that these phrases give comfort, although for some there is hardly any these days. Because the helplessness of grief and the sting of a doubt that we will never know how to solve completely weighs more heavily: could I have done something more for her to survive?

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Indeed, after the boat of the maritime authority had been detached from its sides, a chalupa was lowered from the ship’s davits, and, manned by four oarsmen and a skipper, headed at full speed towards the port dock.

They all chanted the refrain with which the lamplighter Martin reminded the position of the lights when ships are in full sail at night; a refrain that every lamplighter or helmsman often repeated so as not to make a mistake in the course he should take under such circumstances.

Foster continued to doze heavily and woke up from time to time only to reach out his hand and hesitantly raise the glass to his withered lips, which revived for a few moments at the burning contact of the alcohol.

-Nobody… Hip… hip… Hip… This world is very doggy… As soon as one turns around and nobody remembers…” whimpered the drunkest one, his face filled with thick tears, and added between hiccups and cries: “Poor Martin! If he gives the green with the green and the red with his equal, then nothing is lost, follow the course each one…”.

Sabroso – Coffin (Official Video)

My car was driving through the night, in the silence, the moon was guiding me through the lonely straight road. Then I heard that Dantesque laughter that took over everything, I felt my skin bristle, my eyes widen…

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I stopped the car and got out, the wasteland before my eyes, distant trees. Then, from far away, figures and more figures began to emerge, surrounding me quickly to try to catch me, I managed to get into the car to see that those figures that crowded the windows were myself. I ran over my twin ghosts with difficulty and managed to get out of there, all my fears kept laughing until I regained silence.

This was a marginal area with all the evils that our society brings us. I had a mixture of fear and hangover because I had heard since I was a kid thousands of stories about heroin, whores and problems.

I started to walk faster to get out of there as soon as possible and a few meters away from me I heard a big laugh followed by a voice coming closer but I could not understand what it said. I was no longer walking, I was running along the street but that voice was getting closer and closer and I didn’t dare to look back.


Inti was a young man who promised to have a good career in Argentina. He had graduated in 2019 from IESSMA as and received a degree as a mathematics teacher, but then decided to start a new career at the same institute.

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The team he played for turns to his farewellThe Club Atlético San Ramón issued a heartfelt statement to bid him farewell. “We all wondered, why you? If you still had many games to play and defend in our club. This game you could not win but Heaven won an angel, I know that from up there you will protect us and in every game San Ramon plays you will be cheering us on from heaven. Fly high genius”.