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Colombian Civil Code updated 2021

<NOTE OF EFFECT: By means of Law 1564 of 2012, “whereby the General Code of the Process and other provisions are issued” published in the Official Gazette No. 48,489 of July 12, 2012. The articles that were still in force are repealed, gradually as from January 1, 2014, under the terms of numeral 6) of article 627 >.

For the entry into force, the provisions of article 216 must be taken into account, which establishes: “law shall enter into force six (6) months after its promulgation. With the exception of the articles corresponding to the execution of the system of criminal responsibility for adolescents, which will be implemented gradually in the national territory starting on January 1, 2007 until its total realization on December 31, 2009.

6. To establish and restructure the services in charge of protecting minors in an irregular situation, without prejudice to the organic and operational norms that regulate the National Family Welfare System.

Law 1801 of 2016

A man named Michael wakes up in a dark room sitting in a chair. Above his head is a metal device, a mask with nails around his neck. The TV comes on, and the killer’s puppet Jigsaw appears, who tells him that in two minutes the machine is going to lock over his head, killing him instantly. He tells him that the key was inside his eye, and to get it, he had to cut it out with a scalpel. The man, desperate, begins to scream for help, but no one comes. He takes the scalpel, but is unable to cut out his eye. Finally, the two minutes pass and the mask closes.

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Sergeant Rigg tries to retreat, but Kerry, Jigsaw’s expert, pulls him forward. Upstairs, they find Jigsaw wearing an oxygen mask, who puts up no resistance. But when they go to arrest him, Jigsaw tells Matthews that he must solve a problem in the back room.

When he enters, the detective notices some monitors, on one of which was his son Daniel with seven other unknown people, apparently in a trap planned by Jigsaw. Angry, Matthews interrogates Jigsaw about his son’s whereabouts, but Jigsaw tells him that he must solve the problem in just two hours, because after that time, Daniel will die from a poison that had spread through the ventilation duct of the house.

Labor Code of Guatemala 2021

Article 94 The denunciations of impediments (Article 91) shall be given in writing to the Officer of Civil Status, who shall have them added to the file with notice to the bride and groom and shall forward them to the competent Court for processing and subsequent resolution.

CHAPTER V – SEPARATION OF BODIES AND DISSOLUTION OF MARRIAGE Article 145 Separation of bodies, dissolution and nullity of marriage proceedings shall be governed by the law of the State of Marriage.

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Article 157 Once the provisional separation has been ordered, the Judge, at the request of a party, shall order the drawing up of an inventory of the assets of the marriage, as well as all measures conducive to guarantee their proper administration, and may remove either of the spouses from the administration or require a bond.(*)

Article 158 All the obligations contracted by any of the spouses in charge of the conjugal partnership, as well as the alienations that are made of the goods of that partnership, will be null and void, whenever they are in contravention of the judicial orders that have been dictated and registered in the respective Registry. (*)(*)Notes: Wording given by: Law No. 19.075 of 03/05/2013 Article 7.

Ministry of Labor Workers’ Rights

F. Modification of the designation of article five hundred and sixty-three bis and addition to title XIII of book II of a new chapter -IX bis-, integrated by article five hundred and sixty-three bis b), with new wording.

G. Modification of articles seventeen, one hundred and seventy-three, one hundred and seventy-four, two hundred and fifty-one, two hundred and sixty, two hundred and sixty-one, two hundred and sixty-two, two hundred and sixty-three and two hundred and sixty-four.

By virtue of the foregoing, at the proposal of the Minister of Justice, after deliberation of the Council of Ministers at its meeting of September fourteenth, nineteen hundred and seventy-three, in accordance with the opinion of the Council of State and in compliance with the provisions of the final provision of Law forty-four of nineteen hundred and seventy-one, of November fifteenth,

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There is a frustrated crime when the guilty party carries out all the acts of execution that should produce the crime as a result and, nevertheless, they do not produce it due to causes independent of the will of the agent.