Is Love Nikki or shining Nikki better?


Finally we are going to be able to enjoy Shining Nikki sequel to Love Nikki Dress Up Queen, which is a game that was released in China in 2015 for mobile with deep RPG or JRPG mechanics. Currently, a lot of players have been fascinated with the character customization and the amount of costume options.

Shining Nikki, is a sequel, it is an RPG and the initial narrative to show all the available outfits is quite interesting. You have side quests, challenges, grinding and crafting.

Yes, if you have already played it, you will have noticed that the story is quite long and complex at times. However, it’s not too difficult to follow. Nikki, using the power of her outfits must save the world.

The path to saving the world does not involve physical fights or bullets, but it does involve guns. For example, in one of the first missions, the story begins with a gun pointed at Nikki, who has lost her memory and is somewhat confused.

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Esto NO es una actualización obligatoria.[Contenido nuevo]1. El capítulo 10 de la historia principal [Lost Glory] ha sido actualizado. Visita la capital de las palomas y averigua más sobre el cristal original. 2. Se ha actualizado el número 9 de la sala de prensa de COLOURS. 3. Los sets de taller [Flores de la mañana] y [Hierba y brisa] están disponibles para su elaboración. 4. Se ha actualizado la Colección de recuerdos de la primera temporada. Recoge piezas de set de tiempo limitado para obtener [Loen: Sombras de pino] y toneladas de recompensas.

El desarrollador, Paper Games, ha indicado que las prácticas de privacidad de la app pueden incluir la gestión de datos descrita a continuación. Para obtener más información, consulta la política de privacidad del desarrollador.

Love Nikki in English The definitive guide to Shining Nikki

But that’s not all, because we will also become “friends” with Nikki and we will be able to go shopping with her, do a photo shoot, watch movies, travel… and share lots of happy moments with her and Momo. And we will also have at our disposal a lot of events and mini-games.

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If you liked the original game, you can’t miss this new experience. Of course, both playing and downloading the APK file is totally free. Another thing is the in-game purchases, that can not miss.

Love Nikki: 2nd Anniversary Shining Nikki Taiwan

Shining Nikki is the sequel to the popular Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen game, which has delighted many users around the world. This time, Nikki tries on different 3D dresses and discovers many new aspects of the game’s storyline.

At least Shining Nikki has a plot that forces us to make certain decisions. By paying attention to Nikki’s numerous conversations with other characters, we get deeper into the story and face unexpected events.

Shining Nikki is a good second part of the famous Love Nikki. From the images, we will be able to create costume compositions, which can then be rendered in eye-catching 3D images. By testing our sense of taste, we can make sure that Nikki is always dressed in the best clothes for every occasion. But we will also find a complete map of the city to know every corner of this city full of surprises.

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