Is fig Cookie a boy or girl?

A 7 month old baby can eat kiwifruit

Sometimes the fig tree was so generous that it gave us many more figs than we could eat and then my mom would prepare jars and jars of jam (recipe here) that would last us for many months after the harvest was over.

This time I decided on a fresh and bold combination to welcome spring: figs, cheese and mezcal. To make it I chose to use a mix of natural and crystallized figs and of course, I used my new Vitamix with which nothing can go wrong because it has an automatic program to make ice cream, so almost almost, she prepared it herself while I was amazed.

The combination of figs and mezcal is ouch! de li cio sa, not to mention the particular touch that the cheese gives it, seriously, you have to try this ice cream.    I used a very special mezcal straight from Oaxaca.

Kiwi recipes for kids

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CucciddatiSicilian cookies filled with homemade fig and mixed nuts and rum filling rolled in a tender dough and iced in a glaze with nonpareils or sprinkles . 2 dozen Cucciddati.

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Benefits of kiwifruit for babies

Then I said to myself, well, why not try some other additions? I started looking at my shelves and recruiting possible ingredient-candidates to add to the cookies and have different options to try with the base recipe.

You can also use butter or margarine; I’ve tried both and they are fine, although I do notice some difference in the consistency of the dough, but it’s not to die for. But I prefer butter because the margarine around here is horrible (nothing to do with Venezuelan mavesa).

Place portions of the dough on a tray with baking paper and take it to the freezer for half an hour, remove them from the tray and place them in a freezer bag, or a container. For baking, you don’t need to defrost, just increase the cooking time by 1 or 2 minutes.

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How to offer kiwi to a baby

Once you have introduced the fruits one by one, you can make different combinations of them, so we leave you some ideas of fruit porridges that your baby will like for sure.

This puree tastes heavenly. Mango and carrots are full of vitamin C and beta-carotene that baby’s body converts into vitamin A, which is necessary for healthy skin and good vision.

Persimmon puree is very thick and smooth, has a beautiful bright orange color, and is sweet and perfect for baby’s first foods. There are 2 varieties of persimmons: Fuyus and Hachiyas. The tastes are similar, although there are some important differences to note. Fuyus are round and can be eaten even if firm, they have an apple-like texture. Hachiyas are heart-shaped and need to be very ripe before they can be eaten.

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This is a perfect first food for babies. Applesauce is the standard for baby food. Inexpensive, healthy, sweet and complementary to many other fruits and vegetables, apples should be one of the stars of your baby’s diet.