Is Airi good sword master story?

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Of course, this post will contain several spoilers about Lancer’s abilities, his identity, Noble Phantasm, etc. so if you don’t want to spoil the surprise, it’s advisable not to read on.

I have watched the first five episodes of the anime and, I must say, I am very satisfied with the way the studio has adapted the eroge. With each episode you can tell that the staff took the time to plan in which direction they wanted the anime to go but, more importantly, they have kept more or less in parallel with the original content by changing only what was necessary to fit the time constraints.

The voices for the heroines and supporting characters are exactly the same for the originals so there are no complaints in this department either. Shingo’s voice is also very much in keeping with his character. He sounds exactly as I had imagined him.

For more than obvious reasons, the anime is taking the direction of Airi’s route who is also the main heroine in the eroge, while adding some elements of the other heroines’ routes. It is very likely that only Sakuno will not have her story developed in the anime as that would mean a confrontation with Airi who, in five episodes, has already started to see Shingo differently.

Is airi good sword master story? 2022

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Called Lisha for short, she is the female protagonist. Nicknamed “The Scarlet War Princess”, she is the princess of the Atismata Empire. After her duel with Lux and Lux saving her life, she falls in love with him and blushes whenever he is around. In episode 2, she discovers that Lux is “Black Hero” when he comes to rescue her using his Bahamut. She carries the mark of the former imperial family below her navel, and cannot allow anyone to see it. She says that the reason why she challenged Lux in a duel on the first day was because she saw his mark. He carries the Divine Drag-Ride “Tiamat.” At the end of the series, she marries Lux and becomes one of the five queens of the New Kingdom.

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I would be glad if the typical qualities of a critic, which I appreciate, were to face them and have them as much in common as I do, were to be a great critic, if only I could contain my admiration and repress my enthusiasm.

Is airi good sword master story? 2021

Even while smiling wryly, Coral matched the mood of Lux and the others.Krulcifer was looking at such a sight with his usual composed look, while Lisha was watching with a slightly dissatisfied expression.Lux smiled back at Coral, then straightened up and nodded.The Academy students thought that the transfer student this time was a mere cultural exchange event.But the Syvalles members knew that there was a deep meaning and situation behind it.

Lux was agitated with his body pressed like this, and his foot stumbled at the moment he became helpless.The smoothness of that sequence of movements made everyone hold their breath spontaneously. “Amazing, the athlete Yoruka easily caught Lux-chi. She sensed his weak nature against a girl and then used an advanced technique on him! The time used until the opponent was subdued was less than five seconds. Elduelo has made up his mind with this!? “Tillfar shouted next door in high tension.Coral was simply watching Yoruka’s fight in a daze. “That’s amazing. I see you in a better way, Yoruka-san.””Wow? With just this? “Coral suddenly came back to his senses and muttered, to which Yoruka replied with a charming smile.That provocation was still told with a carefree smile, however, Coral also replied calmly. “Yes. I think it’s surprising enough. But I won’t lose. “Seeing the refreshing smile of a pretty boy, the female students of the academy shouted in joy. “Entooonces, now let’s see Coral versus Lux-chi! Get into positions. “After Tillfar’s announcement, Lux and Coral took a distance from each other.The environment was starting to put a bet without money on who would win.Everyone was acting like this, so Lux wondered if this was right…While Lux harbored a bit of trepidation about the future of the Academy,

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