How many missions are in Arcade Empire?


Legendary heroes praised by people of all countries are waiting for your recruitment! Caesar! Alexander! Joan! Genghis Khan! … Heroes arise in hard times and write their own legend under the testimony of legendary heroes!

The first creation is to set up workers to freely distribute the game and say goodbye to boring fixed queues.Are the workers concentrated to improve the castle,or are the workers scattered to completely reclaim the farmland? The whole strategy of building a free castle is up to you!

Original resource tower occupation gameplay, do you want to claim the throne? First you need to get a place in the resource tower.  Then a steady flow of additional war resources and powerful attribute gains will allow you to maintain an advantage in the final battle!

Collection of original artifacts and loot gameplay. The sword of Tyrael, the Trojan horse,Aegis, … legendary artifacts descended upon this world and go looking for them.Of course you also need to protect it from the enemy!


The first known serious attempt to classify video games was made in 1984 by Chris Crawford in his book The Art of Computer Game Design,[5] where he classifies video games into two macro categories and several subcategories based on game mechanics, in addition to making a great emphasis on the difference between a game and a puzzle, where the puzzle does not change and once solved the conflict and difficulty is lost for the player, while the game is dynamic and varies each time it is played. Each of these will be briefly discussed below.

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Action video games require the player to use his reflexes, aim and skill, often in a context of combat or overcoming obstacles and dangers. Within this broad genre there are several popular sub-genres, such as shooting games, fighting games, arcade games and platform games, among others.

Fighting video games, as the name implies, recreate fights between characters controlled by both a player and the computer. The player usually sees the combatants from a side perspective, as if he were a spectator, although there are also exceptions that handle 3D and first-person environments. These types of video games place special emphasis on martial arts, real or fictitious (generally impossible to imitate), or other types of unarmed confrontations such as boxing or wrestling. Other video games also allow the use of bladed weapons such as swords, axes, hammers, etc., or ranged attacks, usually of a magical or ethereal nature.

Dune 2000 (1998) – Playing a Classic (EN)

When I was asked to create a list with the best Final Fantasy I tried to be as objective as possible, but without leaving aside my personal experience (after all, all lists have a subjective part and whoever says they don’t is lying through his teeth). A mess that I repeated looking for the best Resident Evil. And as there are no two without three, now it’s time to make a list with the best Age of Empires of all.

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Age of Empires: Mythologies was the second attempt of Nintendo DS to offer a turn-based variant of the classic saga of Ensemble Studios, in this case on the mythological spin-off released on PC in 2002. Its reception was much more lukewarm than the first DS work, partly because it was more detached from its own mythology. And it retained the gifts of the deities, which was to be welcomed.

Age of Empires: The Age of Kings was the first step from the classic RTS to turn-based strategy in the line of Advance Wars, as the second DS game mentioned above replicated in the same way. But at least here it did enjoy better reviews, being a rarity worth seeing on this great Nintendo handheld. Especially for fans of Intelligent Systems on handhelds.

Mafia 2: The Betrayal of Jimmy – All Missions (Game

Day by day, we have made it our mission to bring you suggestions about the best games in our application center. However, there are special occasions where we have the opportunity to talk about newly released titles, and discover with you the mechanics and gameplay aspects they have to offer. Having said that, today we are going to introduce you to a game that was released just a few days ago, called AxE: Alliance vs Empire.

It is a title belonging to the MMORPG genre, which offers real-time combat identical to Lineage 2 Revolution or Era of Celestials . Similarly, you will have the opportunity to choose between a variety of classes, which will additionally determine your gender. In other words, the gender is linked to your character’s class. Thus, Titans and Warriors are always male, while Mages, Swordsmen, and other classes are exclusively for women.

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Luckily, this game makes no gender distinction beyond character appearance, so all classes are viable and fun to play, and all feel powerful in their own way. Thus, you are free to choose the class that most appeals to you without risk of making a mistake. However, none of this is going to matter in the long run, and we’ll explain why in a moment.