How many barracks should I have in Lords Mobile?

How to defend in lords mobile

In Lords Mobile, you will need resources to do almost anything. Each action requires a specific amount of resources and, knowing how to generate them efficiently will be of great importance to succeed in the game. This is where the strategic aspect of the game comes into effect: You will need to build buildings that generate resources, so you can accumulate enough to upgrade those buildings. It’s a cycle of collecting and consuming resources that will eventually allow you to increase your resource production to very high levels.

Each time has its own capacity limit. Once they have reached that limit, they stop producing resources. This leads to wasted time that could be used to continue production. To increase this limit beyond what your production buildings allow, it is necessary to build and upgrade warehouses. Similarly, there are talents that can be used to increase the storage capacity and production speed of resources. This is important in the advanced stages of the game, where you need hundreds of millions of resources for any activity, and you need to have constant production of them. Never miss the opportunity to upgrade your warehouses to increase the resource capacity of your city.

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What is t2 in lords mobile

KINGDOMS AND LORDS is a game for Android by Gameloft. Game genre: Strategy. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling up from the best players, developers’ answers to players’ questions, beginners’ guides from the official website and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.

Is there any difference between a hero and a normal warrior? Yes. Each of the heroes has two abilities: one, passive, gives new strength in battle and the second is a powerful attack that you can use.

How to assign a squad to defend the Kingdom? Check your Internet connection, then click on the Defense Tower to assign 5 warriors. The better the garrison soldiers, the better your defense will be.

What are other defensive structures used for? Defensive structures help your troops in battle and give them certain advantages. For example, an Archer Tower can increase the base health of troops in a Defense Tower by 5%.

Lord mobile training speed

TalentsFast Growth Talents – Construction I and II – Research I and II – Training speed I and II – Resource gathering I and II – Remaining army capacityWarfare Talents specialty 1 Troop [Ax, Cx, Ix] – Squadron attack – Army defense I and II – Army health I and II – “troop” attack I, II and III – Rest to chooseWar talents specialty 2 Troops [Axc, Cxi, Ixa] – Squad attack – Defense army I and II – Health army I and II – Attack troop III of both types – Attack troop II of both types at 12 pointsSave leader and troops in hostel always… .

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HeroesPriority list: – Swindler – Scarlet lightning – Pink knight – Son of light – Fairy – Remaining physical hunting equipment – Remaining magical hunting equipment – War heroes (specialized army)Keep leader and troops in shelter always….

I have to build more resource buildings.

You see I unlocked the 4th part of my kingdom and I have to build more resource buildings. the detail is that I do not know how many to build each resource building. as far as I have seen the stone and food is what I run out faster. what should I do.

I recommend 1 farm 5 mines and the rest sawmill and others, as for the section of barracks and such 2 barracks to have one at 24/25, as for the rest like mansions k of infirmaries because in case of attack you need space to heal troops, that’s my opinion.

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It is better not to build more than 1 farm, you can: 1 – Take advantage of the weevil event to get food, 2 – Collect it on the map and use it immediately, 3 – Attack castles for resources (usually castles 17+ do not have much food).