How do you unlock the mysterious mine in Lords Mobile?

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Farms, mines, sawmills, quarries and mansions produce and store their respective resources: food, minerals, wood, stone and gold. These resource buildings can be upgraded to increase the rate of production and storage. Resource production will stop when the storage is full.

Infirmary: The infirmary is where wounded troops are healed. All troops wounded while defending, rallying, occupying or reinforcing and 60% of the troops wounded in skirmishes and outside your territory (attacking, rallying, war for wonders) will be sent here.

Watchtower (fixed): The Watchtower warns you of impending attacks, informs you when you have been scouted and alerts you when supply troops or reinforcements arrive. Upgrade it for more detailed reports. (Level 25 watchtowers will unlock the [Fortify] button. Tap it to quickly reinforce your defenses for an impending siege battle and reduce the power of your enemies).

Battle Hall: Build a Battle Hall to start or join a rally! Upgrade your Battle Hall to gather more troops (Soldiers joining a Rally will share the coalition leader’s attributes, including technology, power-ups, hero skills, equipment, and altar power-ups).

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Hello WELCOME, in the following guide you can find everything related to the different types of buildings, tips on how many buildings you should have (infirmaries, mansions, barracks, farms, sawmills, quarries and mines), reduction of construction time, building bonuses, building notifications. These are tips for you to have a progressive advancement.

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Farms increase the rate of food production per hour and storage. Production stops when the storage is full. You must build more or upgrade them to increase their efficiency.

Quarries increase the rate of stone production per hour and storage. Production stops when the warehouse is full. You must build more or upgrade them to increase their efficiency.

Mines increase the rate of ore production per hour and storage. Production stops when the storage is full. You must build more or upgrade them to increase their efficiency.

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CLASH OF KINGS is a game for Android with release date 30/06/2014 by Elex Wireless. Game genre: Strategy. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling up from the best players, the developers’ answers to players’ questions, beginner’s guides from the official website and our secrets to pass the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.

How do I get dragons? After entering the game, a beginner can receive a black dragon egg. The blue dragon and red dragon need matching crystals to synthesize dragon eggs. Dragon Crystals can be obtained through the World Boss event and Ancient Dragon Tower, or you can purchase a pack.

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To unlock civilization dragons, you must reach the neutral civilization popularity level +3 or higher, then in the dragon cave, click the “Activate” button under the corresponding dragon. The dragon egg requires 22 hours of incubation, and after hatching, the dragon cannot directly break the shell, the player must manually click the dragon egg several times, along with the broken shell animation effect.

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In Lords Mobile, you will need resources to do almost anything. Each action requires a specific amount of resources and, knowing how to generate them efficiently will be of great importance to succeed in the game. This is where the strategic aspect of the game comes into effect: you will need to construct buildings that generate resources, so that you can accumulate enough to upgrade those buildings. It’s a cycle of collecting and consuming resources that will eventually allow you to increase your resource production to very high levels.

Each time has its own capacity limit. Once they have reached that limit, they stop producing resources. This leads to wasted time that could be used to continue production. To increase this limit beyond what your production buildings allow, it is necessary to build and upgrade warehouses. Similarly, there are talents that can be used to increase the storage capacity and production speed of resources. This is important in the advanced stages of the game, where you need hundreds of millions of resources for any activity, and you need to have constant production of them. Never miss the opportunity to upgrade your warehouses to increase the resource capacity of your city.

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