How do you play Dream Island tycoon?


Resort Island Tycoon es un bonito juego de simulación de complejos turísticos que pone a prueba tus habilidades de gestión de tiempo y recursos. Mejora tu resort en este juego con todas las comodidades, abre restaurantes, sirve variedades de bebidas y mucho más porque tus clientes se merecen lo mejor.

Lleva suficientes hamburguesas, café, pizzas, bebidas y muchos más artículos deliciosos para atender las demandas diarias de los clientes antes de que tus impacientes huéspedes se enfaden… Crea una historia de Resort Island Tycoon de las tuyas que aspiren y establezcan un exitoso negocio hotelero y que finalmente se conviertan en el gran Resort Island Tycoon .


In the Settings of the Play Games application we find the Delete Play Games data section. There we can delete the data of each of the games we have ever played on any of our Android devices.

We can also delete our profile and all data with the Delete Profile option. Here we delete all game data at once, our player profile with our XP points. The next time we go to play we will have to create our profile again.

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Tutus plays Dream Island Tycoon – Roblox

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Exploring the city and how to play

In case you want to play a game again on your cell phone from scratch, you don’t need to uninstall and reinstall it. You can restart it from the Android system settings, so you don’t have to download it again.

It all consists of going to Settings > Applications > Name of the game or application > Storage > Clear data. Accept the warning and that’s it. When you open it again you will see that it will be as if you had just installed it.

It works with any app or game installed on your phone. Even the default or factory apps. In case you don’t see an app in Settings > Apps, tap the three dots button at the top and select “All”.

It goes without saying that this method deletes the app’s local (device) data. Data in the cloud, such as your photos and videos on Instagram, will still be there when you log in again. In the case of WhatsApp, your chats would be deleted, but as these are also backed up in the cloud, reconfiguring or reinstalling the application will give you the option to recover them.

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