How do you get to the secret level in the tower of hell?

How to set secret levels

After going through the yellow door, you will end up in a courtyard containing the red key. Turn left as you enter and you will see a tall pillar with a BFG on top. As you climb the stairs leading to the upper perimeter of the courtyard, you should hear a door open nearby. At the top of the stairs, quickly turn 180 to the right to see a switch revealed on the outer wall. Shoot it before it closes to lower the BFG.

In the room with the Red Key, the wall to the right of the demon face on the wall (opposite the key itself) can be opened for some rockets, cells and a plasma gun. Be careful: lifting the plasma gun will release some lost souls in the room. Secret 2/4 In the column-filled room behind the Red Door connected to the starting room, one of the columns has a switch that will lower it to reveal a chainsaw. Secret 3/4

When you reach the courtyard containing the Blue Key, you will see some bars blocking the passages to the left and right. Go to the other end of the room (where the switch is that reveals the key) and turn left to exit. Follow this area back to where the bars were (they will go down when you get to the right).

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How to put more levels in tower of misery

When you know all the variants that you can have with your deck, go to the next level, it will be time to have another deck, for example, that can help you if in a competition you get banned an important card of one of your decks.

Knowing most or all of the cards in Clash Royale, their strengths and weaknesses, will give you a strategic advantage over your opponents, for example, so you will understand how to nullify that card of your opponent that bothers you so much.

Structures – they can be defensive or offensive, like the crossbow to attack or defend as an inferno tower, you can only install them on your side of the arena, but they have the range to reach your opponent’s towers.

Every month, Supercell, the company that created the game, makes changes in the stats of the cards, raising and lowering their level so that the game is more balanced and that players do not take more advantage just for having a certain card.

Practice the interactions with the cards you use the most and make the 10 units of your elixir bar yield, the point is that you learn to count how much you consume to know how to manage it to defend or attack with more strength.

How to fly in hell tower

You must find two columns to place on the pillars in that area. One of the columns is on the left as soon as you start the level. The other column you must advance along the bridge on the left and you will find it in one of the corners of the stage. When you place the two columns on the altars you just have to move the red block to the switch of the same color to have access to a pipe that was previously blocked and that takes you after a trip to the secret level.

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As soon as you start you press the switch in front of you only once. You go to the left area and enter the blue-toned quadrant. You will reach a room with boxes, you must break them to access the booster that takes you to the secret level of the world.

You must go backwards as soon as you start and go forward until you pass a bridge. There you will see three blocks that you must fit on the ground to move forward. You will find the access to the secret level of the world.

How do you get to the secret level in the tower of hell? 2021

As in Missions Mode, the equipment chosen for the hunt will not be available for other game modes, except for Faction Warfare. When a team is chosen, its full energy will not be available once it is removed from a tower, and it cannot be exchanged with another team during the game.

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The designated team will retain the remaining health of the battle won for the next one, and so on, similar to the Survival Towers of the console MKs. It is possible to restore 25% of full team health, the cost of which increases with each attempt (starting at 10 souls), so it is recommended to have stronger teams than the minimum required and use restores only when it is an absolute emergency. This cost will be reset if the team is removed from the hunt (forcing it to start that tower from scratch again). In case of not being able to defeat a tower, upgrade the chosen characters or wait for this game mode to return.