How do you get 500k in GTA 5?


GTA Online: Double rewards on original Strikes, GTA$500,000 bonus and moreRockstar details the content of its Strikes Week in GTA Online. We’ll also receive goggles and night vision masks, while body armor is half price this week.

Not only will you receive more rewards: if you complete the finals of the heists The Prison Break, Humane Labs Assault, Initial Funding and Pacific Standard Heist you will receive an additional payment of GTA$500,000, which will be deposited into your Maze Bank account by November 14.

A few modes return this week: climb up to the Drop Zone and defend it with your life, escort (or execute) a vulnerable target in Entourage, and go from the racetrack to the skies in Special Vehicle Racing with the Deluxo.

Don’t be afraid of the dark: head to Ammu-Nation to get your hands on some night vision goggles or try out the night vision masks available in Vespucci Cinema Masks, both free this week. Invest in properties this week to take advantage of the bonuses from the coups: both luxury apartments and their renovations and modifications cost 40% less.


Great news for the entire community of players of Grand Theft Auto, is that Rockstar Games itself is giving us the chance to get 500,000 GTA$ for free for GTA Online, which will be of great help to continue living surrounded by luxury in the city of Los Santos.

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Something that has surprised us is that, after learning about the new content that has come to GTA Online with this week’s update, we can now confirm that all GTA Online players can claim the $500,000, plus $100,000 with Prime Gaming.    On the one hand, GTA Online players who have linked their Prime Gaming accounts with Rockstar Games’ Social Club will be able to redeem this week $100,000 GTA$ completely free of charge.

As for how to get 500,000 free GTA$ for GTA Online, it will be as simple as logging into the game this week. We remind you that the money will reach your Maze Bank accounts within 72 hours after logging in after December 2.  Finally, we remind you that in addition to being able to get 500,000 free GTA$ for GTA Online and 100K thanks to Prime Gaming, with this week’s update we can get other gifts such as the Still Slipping Friend t-shirt, plus bonuses, discounts and much more.

GET 500,000$ Per Second in GTA 5 Online! (Trick

Any experienced GTA player will tell you that one of the ways to earn money quickly in the game is through Strikes. If you reach rank 12 and have a luxury apartment, you will be able to play 4 player online co-op heists. Lester will call you to organize a new coup. It is also possible to call him to repeat a heist. There are a total of 7 different heists.

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Once you accept or request a heist, you become the leader of the operation. After that you can invite any player who has completed the GTA Online tutorial to join you. The heist leader is certainly the one who has to bear the costs, but also the one who determines how the profits will be divided among the players. He also decides in advance what role each player will occupy in the operation. Communication is therefore the key to succeed in the different levels of difficulty to face the obstacles more effectively but also to prepare good equipment with bulletproof vests or silencers.


In GTA Online you can perform a few different tricks. Precisely some of them are gaining great prominence this month on the occasion of the release of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition and thanks to one of them you will win this week 500,000 dollars and the Atomic Motorsport cover. We invite you to continue reading the following guide so you know how to do it.

Of all the beat ’em ups out there, this week you have to save Los Santos from annihilation in The Doomsday scenario, which will earn you double dollars and reputation points for finishing it, although it will also be your goal to achieve if you want to add the previously mentioned items to your collection.

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This way you will have an additional motivation to boycott the plans of the ultrariches, because for completing the three finals of Doomsday Strikes you will receive an additional 500,000 dollars. A huge amount of money that will be credited to your Maze Bank account before November 21.