How do I redeem a 2K locker code?


For those NBA 2K22 Gamers who want to get a head start on MyTeam progress, some locker codes have already been revealed for the game. These codes will unlock a variety of bonuses, from free agent players to upgrades and card packs. However, locker codes have an expiration date, so players need to act fast.

Once in Community Hub, there will be a green panel at the bottom left of the screen that says Locker Code. Select that panel and a virtual keyboard interface will appear and players will be ready to enter their locker codes for My Team bonuses.

Each code includes a decent amount of in-game items that should benefit any NBA 2K22 players who are just starting out. The first code will only be active for three days, but the other two will be active for about a week after NBA 2K22 launches, meaning players have until September 16 to redeem them.

CAUTION* Epic Games REMOVES your Fortnite Skins and Turkeys

If after a few minutes you have not been refunded the amount, the purchase has been made correctly. If you receive them by email, you can claim the tickets at the box office by presenting the card with which the payment was made.

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When you make a purchase, the seats you want to buy are blocked for a few minutes so that another customer does not buy them at the same time. After a few minutes, they are available again.

We adapt our programming every week according to the audience and the premieres. That is why we recommend you to visit our website on Thursdays, when we update our listings.

Unfortunately the shipments do not depend on Ocine and we often have to wait a while to receive the prizes from the distributors. As a result, it is not uncommon for gifts to take several weeks to arrive. Don’t worry, your prize will arrive and we will send you an e-mail when you can pick it up at your Ocine.

The OCINE Fidelity Plus card is a points program created by OCI&CINE SL (OCINE) for its customers to reward their loyalty and trust. The points will be exchanged for gifts and services that OCINE will make available to its customers. Enrollment in the OCINE program is free, although the card costs 1€. The OCINE Fidelity Plus card is not a means of payment.


2K announced today that WWE Hall of Famers “Ninth Wonder of the World” Chyna and “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry will join the WWE® 2K Battlegrounds roster along with several current WWE Superstars and Legends, including Christian, Dana Brooke, Otis and Tyler Breeze. The roster update begins Wednesday, January 27* and includes six new WWE Superstars, as well as a new arena. **

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The following WWE Superstars, Legends and Hall of Famers, as well as a new arena, are scheduled to appear in WWE 2K Battlegrounds via automatic updates, with some content requiring unlocking **:

Christian;Otis;Dana Brooke (unlocked).In addition to the roster update, WWE 2K Battlegrounds will feature a Royal Rumble celebration. Fans who tune in to the Royal Rumble broadcast on January 31 will see a bonus locker code redeemable for 500 Golden Bucks ***, which can be used to purchase in-game content, including the new Royal Rumble Pack featuring The Rock, Becky Lynch and Stone Cold Steve Austin. The locker code is redeemable through February 14, 2021.

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NBA 2K21 locker codes are codes that you can enter into NBA 2K21 in order to unlock in-game rewards. That includes player cards, player packs, tokens and virtual currency (VC). The codes are mainly used to get some discounts or rewards when shopping. And NBA 2k21 offers rewards that can be redeemed by using codes that are known as NBA 2K21 locker codes. These locker codes will help you enhance your gaming experience and make your team a little better.