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After his title in the 125 c.c. World Championship in 2011 and two seasons in Moto2 in which he was progressing, Nico Terol arrived in 2014 as one of the favorites in the fight for the championship. However, the season did not go as expected and after finishing it, Terol decided to make the jump to World Superbike.

Genesio Bevilacqua: “I want to thank Nico for this brief relationship we have had, because in addition to being a rider he has proved to be extraordinary on a human level. We have jointly tried to find the way that would help him to return to a high level and the team never gave up in trying to satisfy the rider’s needs. It is sad but true that we have not met each other’s needs. I want to wish Nico all the best for the future and hope that this period of uncertainty in his career will soon pass, so that he can return to being the great champion he was and be happy driving. On a personal note and on behalf of the entire Althea team, I wish him all the best”.

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A sergeant major in the royal armed forces of Althea. Her counter is the number of people she helped. She was previously in love with Licht but is rejected by him. Later, Lyne is Pele’s girlfriend being confirmed when she rescues him when he is almost killed by Shumerman. She has a serious complex about short skirts and wants to move up to stop wearing them, she is also a bit plump and is always teased about her weight.

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A sergeant in the royal armed forces of Althea. His counter is the times he mistrusted someone. He is one of the legendary Aces and Lyne’s boyfriend… previously he had the secret mission to assassinate Lieutenant Jail Murdoch for the secret service, but fails he is sent to Sergeant Major Lyne where he falls in love with her from the beginning. He also secretly worked for Shumenman but ended up betraying him because of his friends and his feelings for Lyne. He has the power to read minds.

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Someone exceptionally trained to survive, Althea is an idealistic woman whose main ambition was to preserve the history of civilization in a world of despair, through a video recorder.

Althea is especially characterized by her armored vehicle which is fully armed, Althea despite its large arsenal is not exactly an ex-member of law enforcement, but a journalist who loves stories, so she decides to ask questions and videos to each survivor who can rescue to create a story to your liking, which does with Morgan Jones and John Dorei to meet, it is known that in turn has adapted to the apocalyptic world where it is trained to survive.

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While camping in the middle of the night, Althea was spotted with her vehicle by Madison, who followed her to her hideout and threatened her at gunpoint to hand over the keys to the S.W.A.T. truck so she could search for the rest of her group. However, Althea refused the filthy woman’s demands as she had to give her something in return to establish a deal and in an attempt to free herself from her, the journalist ended up being beaten unconscious by Madison. Realizing that Madison had taken her videotapes, Althea rushed to find the woman and threatened her with her gun to tell her story; discovering that she was looking for her children and had been completely devastated not to find them on the tapes.

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[Update as of October 2020: EMS shipments (from Korea post) have been reinstated to some countries. I recommend you to check the individual case of each store. For now Roseroseshop, Jolse and Gmarket have EMS shipping to Chile available. This does not mean that there is less chance of Aduanazo or revisions, but at least it opens the way for standard shipments to return in a short time].

I am happy to see how every day more and more people are interested in the effectiveness and innovation of South Korean cosmetics, but with this comes doubts: How do I buy, how do I make sure that the seller is trustworthy, is Korean cosmetics expensive, can I have problems with customs, how long does it take to get to my country and many more questions, plus they are a major target of people who arrive and recommend things that are not good for the skin or charge them double/triple for it.  It is for all of the above that today I will make this summary with the personal experiences I have had with different stores, tips and advice that you should take into account when buying and above all, advice on Korean cosmetics in general.

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