How do I get Brawlhalla on my phone?

Brawlhalla android requirements

The entry characters in ‘Brawlhalla’ are limited and we can unlock them little by little as we win fights and get coins and experience within the game although, and it is already a classic, we can checkout with our credit card or preferred payment method and unlock them directly, without waiting. By the way, here we have a battle pass that, for 10 euros, will allow us to unlock new levels and get different rewards. Let everyone pay what they think is convenient, although we already tell you that you can play without paying a single cent.

Of course, we can change the language of the game whenever we want. In the settings section, just before accessing the settings themselves, we also have a section to check the controls during combat. We have tested the touch and also to play with a controller, and although the touch controls are well optimized, the experience is quite different. If you have a controller, either wired or Bluetooth, we recommend it before starting to fight in ‘Brawlhalla’.

Brawlhalla pc

Brawlhalla is a fighting game developed by Ubisoft that stands out for having a system similar to Super Smash Bros which leads this is constantly compared and encouraging the mockery of ¨Smash Bros for the poor¨ as Brawlhalla is Free.

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Brawlhalla despite everything is a game enjoyable with friends or alone, this has Crossplay between its various versions for different platforms (PC, PS4, XBOX, Nintendo Switch and about to come out on Android and iOS) which means that we can play with anyone no matter what platform you have.

We have all the game modes, store, settings (where we can configure the game and its controls to taste, later we will give our opinion on the controls) so for a beta is quite complete.

The controls are also another success on the part of the developer, they are simple and minimalist that anyone by intuition could use, these can be changed from settings to the player’s taste.

At the moment, since the Beta has just been leaked, the game is half dead, but perhaps as time goes by it will be able to fill up with players from all over the world. We also leave you the download links:

Brawlhalla on mobile

The game in fashion is Pokémon Unite, Nintendo’s ‘LoL’. It is a 5vs5 MOBA, a truly great game with great graphics, a frenetic pace and in which you don’t need to spend a single euro to get to the top. You will conquer enemy bases while you face your rivals, evolve your Pokémon and defeat wild Pokémon.

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Magic: The Gathering Arena is the adaptation of the classic Magic games to Android. It is a perfect game for beginners, as it comes with a complete tutorial that explains the mechanics to understand the game. The game is completely free, with integrated purchases.

Crash Bandicoot is already on Android and it is a spectacular game. It comes from the hand of King, developer, among others, of the famous Candy Crush. In this game we will be running non-stop dodging obstacles and defeating enemies. It is not as complete as the console versions, but it is undoubtedly addictive and a great option to pass the time.

Undoubtedly, the new benchmark in mobile video games. It is a title for PC and PS4 transferred to Android, although it is exactly the same game. Genshin Impact is an open world game, in which we will explore a gigantic map and fight against various creatures.

Brawlhalla mobile dispositivos compatibles

Un épico juego de lucha de plataformas para hasta 8 jugadores en línea o en local. Prueba las partidas libres casuales, las partidas clasificadas o invita a tus amigos a una sala privada. ¡Y es gratis! Juega en varias plataformas con millones de jugadores en PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android y Steam. Actualizaciones frecuentes. Más de cincuenta leyendas.

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“Brawlhalla es un juego de plataformas muy divertido… Mecánica de combate nítida, luchadores adorables, escenarios simplificados, juego online de primera. “Kotaku “Con un sistema de pago y un juego online muy bueno, este es un título gratuito que merece la pena probar. “Push Square “Este juego de lucha es tan fluido online que es casi como si estuvieras sentado junto a tus oponentes en el sofá. “PlayStation LifeStyle