How can I get discounts online?

How to earn grocery vouchers

The sales periods extend throughout the summer, although depending on the Autonomous Community in question, we can find that they start before the officially marked calendar: July 1.  So you have to be attentive and look when the sales start.  We already gave you the guidelines and tricks on how to go on sale and buy those products that interest us at low prices.  In all stores, discounts will be applied, and to be sure that we make a good purchase, let’s learn, step by step how to calculate a discount. Take note, it is very easy.

It is easy to find in these dates many interesting discounts, to make our best purchases. To calculate a discount percentage you have to take into account that stores are obliged to show the original price of a product, the discount percentage applied, and the final price. To check that the discount is what the label actually says, we can do it ourselves with a simple mathematical operation, so that there is no confusion.

Opportunistic discounts

Note: Creating discounts from your Square Item Assortment will not sync with Square Online Sales, as Square Online Sales coupons can only be used online. All Square Online Sales discounts are applied before taxes and shipping fees. In addition, your customers can use one online coupon code at a time during the checkout process.

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You can allow an unlimited number of coupons to be used. To do this, click on Unlimited. This option gives the possibility for as many customers as they wish to use the coupon code. In addition, they can reuse the same code on future purchases.

To limit the number of coupons available, click on the Limited option and enter the number of coupons you want to allow. For example, you may want to limit the offer to the first 150 orders.

Note: At this time, it is not possible to configure coupons for certain variants or options of an item. For example, if you sell T-shirts in multiple sizes and colors, the discount will be applied to all available colors and sizes.</p> </dd> </dl> </dl>.

Free coupons

In ecommerce, discounts and promotions are an important reason for users’ purchase satisfaction; a survey published by Statista indicated that 34% of respondents highlighted discounts and promotions as a reason for satisfaction in their online purchase.

Those who bought from us some time ago, but have not repeated. If they have not visited us for a long time, it is difficult for us to identify them or reach them with a coupon on our website or via social networks through retargeting. The channel that seems to be the most optimal is email, and both the offer and the text of this communication will be very important to wake up this sleeping or lost customer from his lethargy.

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Social networks are a good source as long as we use the tools to segment our audience. This is where the use of an app that distributes coupons to interested users comes into play. In return, we will ask them to fill out a minimal form to identify and classify them.


Also known as promotional codes, vouchers or coupons, discount codes are alphanumeric vouchers that, along with other electronic tools, have become part of the daily life of Internet users.

There are different ways to obtain promotional codes through the Internet, in this mini guide we will explain in detail the methods to obtain discount codes to save on your next purchase.

On the same page of the shopping cart the amount of the purchase will be recalculated automatically. In real time the discount will appear. In any case, it is always good to check the terms and conditions of use of the discount coupons, the validation, the expiration date, the products for which the code can be used.

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It is possible to use coupons on any type of e-commerce and services, i.e. businesses that sell consumer goods or sites where services are for sale (such as tourist reservations, e-ticketing, currency exchange, hosting and domains, computer software, consulting, online courses).