Does NBA 2k Mobile reset every year?

How to SOLVE the LOCKING problem

If you’re here, you’re probably looking for all sorts of information, including the Pokémon Unite release date, how to get into the Pokémon Unite beta, and, well, what Pokémon Unite actually is. That’s why we’ve created this resource: we’ll do our best to update it with every bit of Pokémon Unite news and information and give you a place where you can keep checking back for the latest information on the upcoming MOBA.

First of all, Pokemon Unite is a MOBA. For those who don’t know, that’s a multiplayer online battle arena, the genre perhaps best known for giants like League of Legends, Mobile Legends, DOTA 2, Heroes of the Storm and Smite.

By definition, a MOBA pits two teams against each other in a large arena that is filled with computer-controlled enemies, obstacles and defensive structures. Each character in these games has his or her own play style, and some of these games have dozens of heroes. As such, to be great at MOBA you need to truly understand your character, be able to fit into a team of specialists, and be skilled at defeating both AI and human-controlled enemies.


Today ‘NBA 2K15’ goes on sale, three weeks ahead of ‘NBA Live 15’ and kicking off a new annual duel for the dominance of the virtual basketball that, unless there are any surprises, has all the chances of being decided on the side of 2K Sports with a big score. But of course, basketball and videogames have given us bigger surprises, so you won’t see me giving anything up just yet.

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Serious basketball, of simulator, of defensive rigor and precision shooting, is fine, but from time to time it’s nice to let your hair down and spend some time with more uncontrolled ideas. We have good proof that we are in an ideal terrain for this kind of approaches in the high number of “crazy basketball” games that have been coming to the market over time, almost as many as titles with serious aspirations.

Many others tried mixing the wildest baskets, impossible dribbles and fireworks on the court, as spiritual successors of ‘NBA Jam’ in the line of ‘NBA Hangtime’ and ‘NBA Showtime’ but few came close to their height. This does not mean that the category was then abandoned, as other good examples like EA’s ‘NBA Street’ or ‘NBA Hoopz’ have been demonstrating, each in their own way, that the more macabre side of basketball will always have a lot of pull. It’s a pity that since the acceptable reboot of ‘NBA Jam’ in 2010, this segment has been at a standstill.

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Again and again the message appears that numerous applications are crashing. The reasons can not be more different and that is why it is the responsibility of the application developer to avoid failures for many problems. In the case of NBA 2K Mobile Basketball problems , the 2K developer team ensures that the application does not always disappear or restart on its own.

Do you know of other solutions if NBA 2K Mobile Basketball keeps crashing? Then you can help others or report the problems yourself. Although you can contact 2K support, support does not always respond in English or promptly.

HOW TO RESOLVE any problem in NBA 2K20 at

The icons in the new customization layer, I also like them better than the previous version. I have not noticed a loss of fluidity in the performance of the mobile. I just need to check if I have been able to solve the problems I have with the phone contacts and my car.

I’ve been playing with the new software for a few hours now and my feelings are still very positive, to be honest. It is still as fluid or even more than with the previous version. The battery performance still seems fantastic to me, but to give an opinion with some criteria would have to wait a few days or even weeks.

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I insist that I think the slight aesthetic improvements in the customization layer seems to me a success. I do not know, I am delighted with Android 9 Pie and I recommend the jump. I say this for all those undecided who do not dare to take the plunge. By the way, on a personal note, I’m still having problems with some contacts in my address book and my car’s entertainment system, as the names of some of them still do not appear when I make or receive a call from the handsfree car. I’m sure it’s a LG V30 thing but I can’t figure it out. 🙁