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www.trucoteca.comUna Once inside you will find a chest and inside the sword. Then, go talk to grandfather again to teach you how to use it.now you can go down the path that is on the left side of the island, to the north. There you will find several enemies, you must advance by killing them. Before you reach a cave (the Strait of the Mountains) you will see a strange stone with an eye drawn on it. If you hit it, you will receive a hint. Keep moving to the right, go to the right and you will find a locked door, continue in that direction to find a locked chest, when you open it you will get the key. You can open the door and continue. You reach a larger room, you have the exit door to the north but you must open the door first. There are four handles, if you grab them and pull them in the right order the door will open.to know the order, you must go to two small rooms on both sides of this room (to pass you must push some stone blocks). The order is as follows (counting from left to right): 2, 1, 4 and 3. When you pass you are still inside the cave, keep going and you will see a closed door. To the left there are some mice, one of them has a key.3/190Guide to THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: PHANTOM HOURGLASS for Nintendo DS

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Floor 1: When you enter this room you will see some red blocks sticking out of the floor, which you must go down to continue. If you look closely you will see that in addition to the red blocks there are also blue blocks. When you lower the blocks of one color, the other blocks of the other color will go up, to achieve this you must hit the switch (the color of the switch will be the same as the color of the raised blocks. When you have the red blocks down (as shown in the picture), you can continue to the right.

Plank that you have to pull. right. When you get there pull a lever that is on the wall. Now go up and jump over the gap to go to the right side (if you kill the 3 keese a chest will appear here). On this side of the room you have to pull another lever to open a door on the left. Go to the door you just opened to defeat a rat with the boomerang (if you get close it won’t appear) and get another key.

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Then we will have to go to the right and activate the crystal ball to lower the red blocks, defeat the octorok and again use the boomerang to lower the blue blocks. We go through, open the door and reach the second floor.

The legend of zelda: phantom

To get rid of the harassment of some enemies, or to tip the balance of the sword crossing against Jolene, we must rub with the stylus on our character. The use of other tools such as the hammer, the bombchus and the hook also follows the rules of click and go, or draw the trajectories.

The digital stylus is limited to a direct access to the mapping, to bring it down from the upper screen to the touch screen and thus make annotations taking as a model the information of certain characters, or the notes in books or tables. We want to emphasize that the inclusion of the notes in the mappings, we can erase them if we make a mistake, is a brutal innovation. After the first puzzle that uses this technique, you will discover the inherent genius, becoming a section that makes the game shine with a light of its own that eclipses virtually any DS production.

L or R serves as direct access to the selected main tool, so you don’t have to click in the upper right corner. These tools also involve touch control, such as tracing the trajectory of the boomerang, aiming at the target with the arrows, making a stroke to drop a bomb, poking the ground to dig with the shovel, etc. The control of all these actions with the stylus is extremely intuitive and allows any user to comfortably enjoy the title, although it is also true that they reduce the level of challenge when, for example, aiming with the arrows or even in fights against simple enemies, the bosses are a point and a part for its structure.

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The “Spectral Clock” contains the “Sands of Hours”.