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In general terms, the style and tone of the two previous films are maintained. The director is again the same as the director of Catching Fire, although the screenwriters have changed again. However, as I said, it does not seem that this variation is to blame for such a decaffeinated film, but the intention of taking two hours out of a part of a book, already limited in interest.

In short, more of the same (in the hits and misses) but somewhat more boring than the previous ones. We will have to wait for Mockingjay 2 to see if it rises, at least, in terms of action and entertainment.

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I had already enjoyed reading Suzanne Collins’ novels, but the truth is that the two film adaptations of the saga released to date had pleased me even more than the literary original, especially in…

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The ‘The Hunger Games’ saga has become, with only two installments released, a guarantee of quality entertainment, reminding Hollywood producers that movies starring women can be a great success….

Hollywood and posters are starting to be a joke. After the horrendous first posters for ‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’ (‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’, Ridley Scott, 2014) and the botched final poster for ‘The Expendables 3’ (‘The Expendables…

The death of Philip Seymour Hoffman, besides a tragedy that we can only intuit from the reactions of his closest friends, is a terrible loss for the seventh art. We have been left without an extraordinary actor, one of the most…

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The Hunger Games is a tetralogy of science fiction and adventure novels for young adults, written by Suzanne Collins. The series so far consists of four works: The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Mockingjay[1][2][3] and A Ballad of Songbirds and Serpents. The first two books were each New York Times bestsellers, and the third book topped every U.S. bestseller list upon its release.[4][5][5]

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Collins also cites the Roman gladiatorial games. She feels there are three key elements to creating a good game, “an all powerful and ruthless government, people forced to fight to the death, and being a popular source of entertainment.”[7][8

A contemporary source of inspiration was Collins’ recent fascination with reality TV. She relates this to The Hunger Games in the way that they are not only entertainment, but also a reminder to the districts of their rebellion. One night Collins says she was flipping on the television, where she saw people competing for a prize and then saw images of the Iraq war. She describes how the two combined in an “unsettling way,” and she got the idea for the series.[8] She says the two combined in a “disturbing way.”[8

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This film by Francis Lawrence had an estimated production cost of US$ 125,000,000 and was produced and/or financed by Lionsgate and Color Force.DISTRIBUTORS OF THIS FILM in its original language in Argentina, Mexico and United States.

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