The forest pc game guide

Inside game chapter 3

Drop down and watch well the places where you can grab; if you get stuck look for the golden color that shows you what you can grab while climbing, and note that when you have to jump a gap sometimes you have to turn the camera to point to the direction where you’re going to jump before the indicator appears to press circle.

To climb up you have to go to the wheel (or winch) on the right, where the glowing circular mechanism and go down the bridge. As with the previous door, throw an axe at the mech while holding the winch to freeze it, keeping the bridge lowered. Atreus can now run and let go of your chain, allowing you to climb up.

Jump and go left to get a chest with Silver and cross the bridge where Atreus first climbed and jump to the edges of the wall on the cliff. Climb to the top and marvel at the view. To continue turn right and continue climbing up the wooden structures to the next area, the Wild Forest.

All inside spheres

The Witness also has the honor of having some of the most complex puzzles in video games, so a guide is necessary to not get lost in the complex web of the island. An island that we can walk around freely, by the way, although there is a recommended order to do so.

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Thanks to the PS4Trophies channel we can follow this guide to not get stuck with any of its puzzles. And incidentally get the 1,000G on Xbox One, now that it will be the big Games with Gold incentive in April.

Right next to that area we find the desert ruins. Starting at the top of these ruins, you will have to look at the way in which the sun hits the panels to find the figures of each puzzle. Once you have completed all the puzzles above, you will have to go inside the monument.

Just at the other end, opposite, we have the garden with a labyrinthine pattern surrounded by a high wall. Further on we will walk through the puzzles themselves, by the way, until we reach the top of the castle and have a better panoramic view.

Inside water

But we come here to talk about the technical section. The PC version, specifically, in search of tips that can help you find the best possible configuration to enjoy the game. We have already many optimization guides like this in the history of 3DJuegos (including some other in this sister site) but this is a very, very special case.

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In case you didn’t know, this is the first videogame signed by Ember Lab, a studio that comes from the animation world. Do you remember that spectacular short of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask? Well, these are its authors. If you connect the dots, you will now understand where the masks and mischievous spirits that populate the forests of Kena come from. In any case, what we are interested in knowing here is that the world of cinema and the world of video games have very different ways of understanding what we call “performance”.

Generally speaking, we gamers want our games to have the highest possible frame-per-second (FPS) count, except for some specific cases, such as big blockbusters designed for single-player that boast such impressive graphic fidelity that it doesn’t hurt us too much to stick to 30 FPS if it means we can better appreciate their worlds, modeling and lighting.

The witch of blair game guide

2º When we get off the plane we will see that there are a lot of animals and suitcases, my recommendation is: that you quickly take the electronic components that we will find on the right side of the wing of the plane, then, we will go to hunt 2 types of animals that usually usually lurk in that area which are: the rabbit and the lizard NOTE: YOU CAN ONLY TAKE 2 ANIMALS AT A TIME (1 OF EACH SPECIES) EXCEPT THE FISH WHICH YOU CAN TAKE UP TO 6, with the skin of the lizard we will begin to make our armor, which is created by left clicking the mouse on the skin that we have collected.

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4º When we already have our things, we run in a straight line until we reach a place without trees, we stop more or less in the center and look to see if the welcoming committee is chasing us, if no one appears, perfect. If they still follow us, continue running NOTE: if they still chase you do not start running in zig-zag because it is more likely that you run into a village of cannibals, and then if we have messed up good.