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That said, don’t expect to beat this title in eight hours or less, especially if you want to complete it one hundred percent. Here are some Super Mario 3D World cheats that will help you be more prepared.

There are five heroes in the game, each with their own particularities. It is important to know what are the strengths of each one. You will also have to play with specific characters to activate certain switches. For example, Peach can only access switches with her mark.

Princess Peach: She’s the slowest character in the game, but we can’t blame you if you decide to play with her. Peach can glide for about two seconds, making her a great choice for overcoming dangerous jumps.

Yes! You can store two power-ups in a level. There is one to use, and one stored at the bottom left of the screen. You can toggle between the two with the – (minus) button on the controller.

Note: Using the Invincibility Blade means that you will not get a shiny star on top of the flag near the level on the World Map. You will have to replay it again without using the Blade to get it.

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Selecting an upgrade will give you a noticeable advantage over those who choose to collect power-ups exclusively in the levels. The Fire Flower, of course, is more than recommended, given its versatility against a wide range of enemies and the ability to also increase Mario’s stamina. Unlike the 1985 original (where one enemy hit was enough to return to form without power-ups), in Super Mario Bros 35 if our plumber is hit by an enemy while he is Fire Mario, he will transform first into Super Mario and then into Small Mario, thus decreasing the likelihood of accidental death.

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One decidedly positive aspect, and one that will not fail to please the most competitive players, is the ability to customize the controls to your liking using the options on the main screen. Especially if you are new to Super Mario Bros. before entering the online game, you might consider practicing and testing the commands with the Training Mode, which will allow you to play the levels you have unlocked as if they were the original NES ones.


After the great success of Super Mario Bros 3, Nintendo had a big job ahead of them if they wanted to surpass themselves.    However, hand in hand with a new console in 1990, came a Mario game that revolutionized the world: Super Mario World. The game came as a free gift with the purchase of the Super Nintendo and quickly became an icon of the time. Today, it is still among the top 5 games of all time.

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Although the game has many aspects of its predecessors, the appearance of the Yoshis of different colors and various “power-ups” such as the cape gave it a stamp of its own. But the main innovation was the appearance of many secret levels. Mario World features 96 different exits, which added a new goal for players in addition to finishing the game. Only true masters achieve the coveted feat.

The story is typical Mario. After saving the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario and Luigi find themselves on vacation in Dinosaur Land. While they are resting, Princess Peach disappears again. As the brothers desperately search for her, they find an egg hatching in front of them. A dinosaur named Yoshi emerges from inside and tells them that other Yoshis have been locked up by evil turtles. Clearly Bowser is behind it all.


Mario and the other members of Princess Peach’s court are out for a stroll when a fairy appears before them. As usual, it will be the cursed Bowser who kidnaps our new friend, and we will have to complete several worlds to prove that we are the heroes and heroines that everyone expects:

Stars are one of the two types of collectibles we’ll be able to collect in the game. There are three in each level, with certain exceptions, and we need them to unlock the final level of each world, as well as access to the Crown World.

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The seals, of which you will find one per level (with some exceptions), are one of the two types of collectibles in the game. Each of them unlocks a new sticker on your Stamp Sheet. In addition, they are necessary to access the Crown World, as is the case with the green stars.

As it could not be otherwise, at the end of each world a fearsome final boss will be waiting for us and we will have to defeat it. In this section we will tell you everything you need to know about them so that you can defeat them and become the heroes of the fairies.