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Watchmen is an American drama television series based on the limited graphic limited series of the same name by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons published by DC Comics. The television series was created by Damon Lindelof for HBO, with Lindelof as executive producer and screenwriter, and premiered on October 20, 2019. Its cast includes Regina King, Don Johnson, Tim Blake Nelson, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Andrew Howard, Jacob Ming-Trent, Tom Mison, Sara Vickers, Dylan Schombing, Louis Gossett Jr. and Jeremy Irons, with Jean Smart and Hong Chau joining the cast in later episodes.

The series received critical acclaim upon its broadcast, as well as praise for highlighting the forgotten 1921 Tulsa racial massacre, which became poignant in the wake of the protests over the death of George Floyd in 2020. Watchmen has received several awards, including 26 Primetime Emmy nominations, the most for any show in the 2019 television season.

The series takes place in Tulsa, Oklahoma, during 2019. A group of white supremacists, the Seventh Kaballery, has appropriated the writings of Rorschach and his masked figure to wage a violent war against minorities and police imposing special historical reparations for victims of racial injustice. On Christmas Eve 2016, during an event that became known as “White Night,” the Seventh Kaballery attacked the homes of 40 Tulsa police officers. Of those who survived, only two remained within the police force: Detective Angela Abar and Chief Judd Crawford. As the police force was rebuilt, laws were passed requiring police to not reveal their profession and protect their identities while working in masks, allowing masked vigilantes to work alongside officers in the fight against the Kaballery.

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Although Arcanum has just been released and scores may fluctuate as the series evolves and additional episodes are released. The show is 100 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and a surprising 9.4 / 10 on IMDb.

Arcanum is currently at the top of IMDb’s database of top-rated movies and TV shows with the keyword “Netflix Original,” followed closely by Kota Factory at 9.2 / 10 and The Last Dance at 9.1 / 10. For a related comparison to the target group, El Brujo, which had a 91 percent audience rating, only scored 8.2 on IMDb.

Arcane, which launched just a few days ago, is a new animated series developed by Riot Games in partnership with Netflix and the story of two of League of Legends’most famous champions. Set in the opposing cities of Piltover and Zaun, the series follows the two sisters Vi and Powder, who live on the outskirts of the Piltover ghetto and find the bodies of their parents in the rubble caused by the riots between the residents of the Lower Town and the Surgió City police.

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At that instant, Coraline deduces that the three wonders referred to by the Other Mother are the two spectacles and the garden; so she first goes to the garden to look for the first of the eyes, using the artifact given to her by Spink and Forcible, and discovers that the sphere of the Other Father’s mantis shifter are the eyes of one of the ghosts. However, the Other Father under the control of this machine attacks her, until he finally gets stuck in the middle of the bridge and about to fall into the garden lake, but the Other Father manages to free himself from the mantis’ control and delivers the first ghosts’ eyes to Coraline and subsequently the Other Father drowns at the bottom of the lake, but at that moment the garden turns to stone and the moon begins to eclipse where one of the ghosts thanks him for finding him, but reminds Coraline that there are still other lost eyes, so Coraline mentions not to worry, she will find them no matter what.

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The thriller follows a group of people leading comfortable (though not entirely fulfilling) lives and hiding dark secrets. The key individuals are Megan (Jumbo), a working mother of three; Ray (Armitage), a failed documentary photographer; and Broome (Nesbitt), a detective haunted by a cold case of a missing person. However, when Megan’s old friend Lorraine (Parish) gives her shocking news, the lives of all three will be upended, as moments from their past come back to haunt them.All about ‘Stay by My Side’

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It’s taken a lot of effort, but now that she’s more settled in Paris, Emily is getting better and better at navigating the city. Emily in Paris returns with a second season in which she is determined to focus on her work. The problem is that adventures come into her life almost by surprise. Without going any further, in French class, Emily meets an expatriate who makes her very nervous, but also arouses her curiosity. In addition, for the first time we will see the funniest influencer of the City of Light change destination to show her vacation with Camille and Mindy in Saint Tropez.