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The Elder Scrolls Online: Dragonhold is a DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online. It is the sixteenth DLC released for the game. It was released on October 21, 2019 for PC and Mac and on November 5, 2019 for PS4 and Xbox One as part of Update 24 . [1] It gives access to Southern Elsweyr and includes the final part of the Season of the Dragon quest line . [2]

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The news comes from an official mod update posted on For those unfamiliar with Morrowind Rebirth, this project aims to make The Elder Scrolls Part III accessible and appealing to new and old players.

The update includes a number of bug fixes for some very interesting technical issues. For example, a character named Saruse Hloran has 20 chitin shortbows and only one chitin arrow. I’m not sure of his situation, but in my opinion it would be more practical to reverse the values.

In addition to bug fixes, the patch brings major changes to Morrowind Respawn and implements several additional features. The mining town of Gnisis, for example, underwent a complete visual makeover and, instead of adding a ton of new content, completely changed the surrounding landscape.

Addhiranirr morrowind

Morrowind is by far the most iconic Tamriel landscape of them all. As much as Skyrim is the most recent memory, and its setting was also absolutely essential and memorable, there are few things like the vivid, palpable impression left by the dunmerian land of Vvardenfell. A mix between high fantasy and Dark Crystal that revealed, more clearly than ever, Bethesda’s taste for aesthetics as an emotional engine.

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1) Once the initial mission is over, ‘TESO: Morrowind’ uses well understood nostalgia to grab you. It is impossible to walk through those landscapes or get off the boat and enter the census office and not remember every game played in the original. In this situation, one wishes that Bethesda doesn’t stop here, that Skyrim comes next, that we move on to the higher or lower planes and that it gets messy.

4) For me, who has an unhealthy relationship with any game without an ending that encourages deferred rewards and RNGesus worship (hello, ‘Destiny’; hello, ‘Marvel Puzzle Quest’), Morrowind in its current form is a luxurious Pavlovian prison.

Comandos morrowind

Hay muchas formas de jugar a Morrowind; algunos prefieren jugar como guerrero, otros como mago, otros como ladrón/personaje de sigilo. Y aunque todos ellos ofrecen una forma algo única de jugar, creo que hay una forma que es única…

El juego es una de las mejores opciones para los amantes de los juegos de rol, ya que se trata de un juego de rol que se puede jugar en cualquier momento y en cualquier lugar del mundo. Me hace un …

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El juego es un juego de rol que se adelanta a su tiempo, con mucho que explorar, una historia detallada y una gran banda sonora.

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