Dragon quest builders 2 game guide

Dragon quest builders guide

As we know that this kind of games require a higher learning curve, we have prepared the best tips to start playing Dragon Quest Builders 2, so that you already have an established base and can get good results from the beginning.

Note that the game’s camera tends to move around quite a bit, and that can be a problem in certain situations. You can rotate the camera with the right stick, but also if you hold down R3 and then use the left stick you can zoom in and out.

You can map by pressing the touchpad and you can see everything around you from a bird’s eye view. You can interact with the buttons on the map interface to zoom in, zoom out or move around the map. There you will find the location of resources and also the current quests.

Along your pilgrimage through the map, you will need to collect several blocks to access complicated areas. So don’t forget to collect lots of building blocks and take them with you on explorations. This will also allow you to pave the way for when you pass through the same place again.

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Dragon quest builders 2 arid atoll

Recently released also in the West, Dragon Quest Builders 2 launches us into a fantastic world full of cubes, disparate and sometimes very unusual objects. If you were already immersed in the fantastic adventure undertaken by the Isle of Awakening, you would know that creativity and imagination are at the core of every self-respecting maker’s thinking.

Once started the title we will find ourselves customizing our character, but in a very bland and superficial way, managing to change the color of the Skin, hair and eyes… which clashes with the creative atmosphere of the title. Later in the game, however, we will unlock the Dressing Room that will allow us to redo the initial customization, adding more options. Let’s see how to unlock it!

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Dragon quest builders 2 all rooms

In this guide we will see how to complete the four chapters of Dragon Quest Builders, the challenges in each of them, give some tricks and how to unlock the Sabretooth in the Switch version.

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The first thing we will be able to do is to create our avatar. We can choose gender (Male or Female), choose the hair color among 24 options, choose the skin color among 24 other options and finally the eye color among 24 more options.

Once outside, in Canteria Plain, we will be given the Banner of Hope. You have to place it where the light indicates. From now on you can save the game in the banner whenever you want.

When you restore hope, a more illuminated area is created around the Banner of Hope: your base, Canteria. Soon a girl, Pam, will appear. After meeting her, she will give you Earth Block x5 and your first request:

Inside the village is a stone crafting table, the “Stonemason’s Bench”, which you can break to place wherever you feel like it. This will be your main crafting table during this chapter, so keep an eye on it. You will need it for Pam’s next quests:

Dragon quest builders 2 throne room

Go to guide indexStart guideWelcome to our Dragon Quest Builders 2 guide. Here you will find the tips to become an expert builder who helps a multitude of characters thanks to your skills in construction and combat.

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This is a block-based role-playing and building game with a single-player story and an online multiplayer mode for up to four builders. Customize your builder, team up with Malroth and take on the Sons of Hargon, an evil cult that worships destruction.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 makes building more convenient than ever with several improvements in exploration and construction over the original. One of them is the first-person camera, which will delight Minecraft fans.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 has an option to take screenshots similar to many other games. For the action, look for the best angle, focus, adjust expressions and apply filters. As usual, you’ll be able to share them on social networks.