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The Ninguang Act I encounter in Genshin Impact is called “Another Invitation to the Jade Chamber”. Act I has a total of 5 different endings and 3 achievements that you can get. You also have all the guides to complete other characters’ memories in our guide to the encounters.

For each memory you unlock from Ninguang you will be presented with a series of rewards. These rewards are varied and you will use them, as always, to improve your characters, account or Adventure level. Here you have the list with all the rewards you can get with this legendary mission of Ninguang:


-Jahai’s Reflection: Dragon’s FangJahai’s Reflection: Dragon’s ClawJahai’s Reflection: Lookout of the ScarJahai’s Reflection: Prosperity of the CrescentJahai’s Reflection: Rock of the Harpy.

The grasping claw: Avoid being grabbed by the claws of the deathmarked ravager. During the walkthrough of the fortress When you split off to help the lost refugees you will have to avoid the attacks of the Shatterer, His attack appears marked with a large yellow circle and a few seconds later a claw of the dragon appears. avoid it during the entire walkthrough to make this achievement.

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Chof!    Receive a hit from the Shatterer marked by death in an unexpected do this achievement is the opposite of the previous one when you see the attack of the claw of the shatterer let it hit you.

Chaos Theory: Track the anomalous readings around the Cliffs. Continue the story on the map and go to the green areas track the different areas and do what Taimi asks you, You will have to do one of the events on the map close one of the fissures.


By way of legacy, even Ronald Reagan went so far as to mention it in the 1986 State of the Union Address,[9][10] while, in 2007, the Library of Congress chose it for preservation in the National Film Registry and, finally, in 2008 the American Film Institute listed it as the tenth best science fiction film of all time in its AFI’s 10 Top 10 listing. The success of Back to the Future led to the production of a trilogy of films, completed by Back to the Future Part II (1989) and Back to the Future Part III (1990), as well as the creation of an animated series and the establishment of a theme park attraction (Back to the Future: The Ride).

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In 1989, a video game based on the first film was released, developed by Beam Software and distributed by LJN for the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) console. The game was criticized both for its gameplay and for the fact that it did not have much relation with the movie. A slightly superior sequel to this same game was made for the same console.

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There are cars that are mythical and the DeLorean DMC-12 is one of them. And yes, the famous car from Back to the Future can be obtained in Forza Horizon 5. The idea of driving this car through the land of Mexico is highly attractive for speed lovers, although unfortunately for more than one, we will not be able to travel through time.

To get the DeLorean DMC-12 what we have to do is to score 26 points from the summer event. It is not particularly difficult, but it is available for a limited time, so it is advisable to get it as soon as possible. This score is easily achievable if we complete several missions within the event. Each mission will score differently, some even reaching 10 points.

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Not all cars are equally easy to get, as in the case of the Jesko 2020, the fastest car in the game today, so do not miss the opportunity to expand your collection of vehicles whenever possible. This way, you will have no rival on the roads of Mexico.