Tensura King of Monsters Promo Code January 2022

Tensura King of Monsters Promo Code 2022

Tensura is one of the most popular free-to-play Role-playing games in which your favorite anime characters come into life. In the game, you need to arrange your anime heroes in a 3×3 Grid format that is output, defensive, and assistant type, all attacks, and defense will be done in the same format, so you need to arrange your army according to the grid and your game strategy.

Tensura King of Monsters Promo Code

This is a dedicated page designed for you to provide the latest and most updated Tensura King of Monsters Promo Code list for January 2022. By using these redeem codes you can get tons of amazing free stuff like Potions for the game, you can get free Silver up to x20000, Crystal Rock, Fetters Contacts, and more exciting free things. To get the most of these codes, you can join our Telegram page, Facebook page or even our Reddit Community page to get notified directly whenever we update the codes.

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Download Tensura: King of Monsters for Android: Here

For iOS download here

Tensura King of Monsters Promo Code Complete List for January 2022

  • A75H86GR: Collect Free rewards
  • 0EAAf3dAb: Enjoy x200 Crystal Rock, x8888 Silver, x2 Elementary Magicule Potion, and various free rewards.
  • 06pQ43Tp0: Redeem x10 Elementary Magicule Potion, and x5000 Silver with this code.
  • 0ZpQgUT4Q: Grab x588 Crystal Rock, and x5888 Silver using this Tensura King of Monster Code.
  • 0gp0f3s0A: Free x300 Crystal Rock, and x5000 Silver with this Tensurra King of Monster Promo Code for January 2022
  • slime888: Grab Tensura King of Monsters Codes for January 2022 to get free Fetter Contract, Crystal Rock x100, and up to x8888 Silver for the game
  • slime666: Collect x100 Crystal Rock, Fetter Contracts, and x6 Elementary EXP Magic Bottle

Tensura: King of Monsters in-game Tips, Tricks, Hacks, and Mods

Tensura King of Monster Codes 2022
  • Now Play with your favorite anime characters in a 3×3 grid format.
  • The game features a unique Slime system that creates a powerful ability called “Predator”.
  • Slime can devour and you can poke which means up-to-date technologies realize fluid texture.
  • You can get EXP potions from the Resource farm that can help to level up your characters.
  • Unlock skills and increase your game character level cap by grinding more and more to reach their maximum in-game level.
  • Always remember to claim your free energy, daily rewards, and bonuses by just log in to the game.
  • Players will get extra bonuses when they complete daily weekly quests.
  • The game has next-level graphic scenes which make the game more pleasurable to play.
  • Develop your own unique Rimuru
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How to redeem Tensura King of Mosters Promo Codes

  1. Open your game, find the level button on the top left corner of the screen.
  2. Click on that
  3. Now when the new windows pop out, click on the Redeem Now button.
  4. All you need is to copy the above-mentioned code of your choice and paste in that box.
  5. Click Redeem Now, and enjoy free amazing items and energies.

Expired Tenura King of Mosters Codes

  • 07QbFr3pp: Claim this Tensura King of Monsters Promo Code to get amazing in-game rewards.
  • RimuruTempest: This Tensura King of Monsters code will get you x5 Fetters Contract, and a Rank A Random Contact
  • 0EAAf3dAb: Enjoy 200 Crystal rock, x8888 Silver, x2 Elementary Magicule Potion, and many more amazing rewards with this coupon code.
  • slime0126: Claim your free x50 Crystal Rocks, x18888 Silver, and Elementary EXP Magic Bottle x18
  • slime2022: Free x100 Crystal Rock, x8888 Silver, and Elementary Magical Potion for Tensura: King of Monsters
  • museslime2022: Redeem x3 Stars Contract, Crystal Rocks x388, and In
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