Sword Master Story Coupon Code- January 2022

Sword Master Story Coupon Code 2022

Sword Master Story is an Epic Online Action Role Playing Game in which your character is the only left Sword Master in the World, who need to fight to take revenge from the Kingdom which betrayed you and your people. So in order to fight them, you need to make allies with other people so that together you can beat them in order to reclaim your glory and make peace in the kingdom.

Join forces with allies to travel a journey full of adventure and battles to reach your final goal to reclaim the kingdom.

Sword Master Story Coupon Code

This is a dedicated page designed for you to provide the latest and most updated Sword Master Story Coupon Codes. All these Promo codes are updated for January 2022, we try our best to update these codes as fast as we receive the new codes. So in order to get the updated Sword Master story promo code, you can join our Telegram Channel or even bookmark our website.

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Sword Master Story is a free-to-play RPG game and is available to download on both Android and iOS. Download now

Android: Here

iOS: Here

Sword Master Story Coupon Code list (January 2022)

  • THANKU35: Redeem x450 Ruby
  • JUNE2BQUIZ: Get x300 Ruby with this code
  • HERETHEYARE: Collect x700 Ruby using this Sword Master Story Coupon Code
  • UTHEBEST: This Sword Master Story Coupon Code will get you x450 Ruby
  • SWORDMASTER: Sword Master Story mega jackpot code to get 14 Star Summon Ticket, x15 Star Equipment Box x5 4- Leaf clover, and x3 S-Class Raid Box

Sword Master Story in-game features, tips, and tricks

Sword Master story promo codes
  • Get a 5% increase in your Attack once you Meet Lilith, so try to find Lilith as soon as possible.
  • Now you can even make your Heroes cross their limits using the Ideal Stone.
  • When you use your Ideal Stone, the bonus stats and the Magic Resistance will also increase, these increases in stats will happen to all the characters.
  • Enjoy Advanced PVP modes and Guild Raids
  • Now you can even enjoy the RPG complete action even when you are in the Idle mode.
  • The Game has spectacular graphics with advanced fighting skills and animation gestures.
  • To grow in the game means to develop your hero fast in the game you need to gather Goddesses as your companions, with this you can now participate in the endless battle to earn huge rewards that helps your character upgrade their skills, weapons, and more.
  • You’ll get more and better rewards if your clear your stages fast.
  • Unlock new hidden stories that uncover hidden and dak truth every 10 stages.
  • The game can summon 40 unique heroes from legendary and mythological equipment.
  • Improve your character by leveling up.
  • Now you can challenge other online users and your friends in the Global PVP mode to become the Sword Master in the Global world.
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How to Redeem Sword Master Story Coupon Codes?

Sword Master Story promo codes are very easy to redeem, all you need is to follow the below steps you are facing any issues redeeming them:

  1. Open your Sword Master Story game, find the menu button in the upper right corner on the homepage.
  2. Now once the window is loaded, find the coupon button and click on that.
  3. All you need is now to copy the above-mentioned code of your choice and paste it into that box and click Confirm to redeem your amazing rewards.

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Some more Sword Master Story Code that might work (Outdated List)

  • OURNEWHERO: Redeem x500 Ruby using this Sword Master Promo Code
  • MASTERGIFT: Get x500 Ruby with this code.
  • WIZ: Free x500 Stamina in the game using this promo
  • THXUALL: Grab x300 Ruby for the game
  • BESTUSERS: Redeem another x500 Ruby code in Sword Master
  • MILLIONDAY: Claim x500 Stamina using Sword Master Story Coupon Code
  • DARKNESS: Get 500 Stamina in the game with this promo coupon
  • TWOMILLION: Collect x500 Stamina using this promo code
  • THX4LOVE: Enjoy x450 Ruby with this code
  • MEGUMIN: Enjoy 500 Ruby using this code.
  • ILY10000: This Sword Master Story Coupon Code will get you x700 Ruby.
  • INTOTHEABYSS: Get x700 Ruby with this code.
  • MAINTEN0504: x300 Ruby Sword Master Story Coupon code 2022
  • Googlestar: Free x300 Stamina using this promo.
  • HALFEVENRUN: Claim this Sword Master Story Code to get 1000 Stamina
  • SUPER9000: Redeem this Sword Master Promo Code to claim 400x Ruby
  •  RUNRUNRUN: This coupon code will get you x600 Ruby
  • HALFANNI: Get 800 Ruby for Sword Master Story using this coupon code for 2022
  • HELLO2022: Claim free 300 Sword Master Ruby
  • GOUPDATE: Free 5,000 Stamina for your in-game Sword Master Story Character using this redeem code
  • LUNARNEWYEAR: Get a Mystery Reward using this code
  • COMMINGSOON2: Redeem free 300+ Ruby here
  • GO10MILLION: Get up to 1,000+ Stamina now using this promo coupon
  • YOUTUBEB: Claim another x300 Sword Master Rubies
  • WHATISNEXT: Enjoy x300 Ruby using this coupon code
  • FIVE555: Redeem this promo code to get 5,000+ Ruby
  • XXOO: Redeem free 500+ Ruby here
  • APPLEMAIN: Get 300 Ruby for Sword Master Story using this coupon code for 2022
  • GO20000: Claim this Sword Master Story Code to get 1400 Stamina
  • NEWCOSTUME: This coupon code will get you x600 Ruby
  • UPUPDATE: Redeem this code to get 500x Stamina
  • TAKEKANA: Get 300x Ruby
  • STOREMAIN: Claim free x300 Ruby
  • ANGEL4YOU: Redeem to get x700 Ruby
  • ILOVERUBY: This code will get you 5,000 Ruby
  • KANAKANA: Claim another 5,000 Rubies here
  • SECONDGIFT: Another 5,000+ Rubies with this code
  • LUCK2022: Get x1,000 Stamina using this coupon
  • ANGELSTART: Redeem 700 Ruby using this Sword Master Story Coupon code
  • FIREPLACE: Free 300 Ruby with this Sword Master Story coupon code
  • NEWGAME: Free 700 Ruby
  • SLASH: 300+ Ruby with this coupon
  • XMASYUI: Sword Master Story Coupon code to get 600+ Ruby
  • COMINGSOON: Get a mystery reward here
  • GOAGAIN: 200 Free Ruby
  • ADIOS2020: Claim x400 Ruby for Sword Master Story
  • WELCOME2022: Free 2,021 Stamina using this Sword Master Coupon code
  • HAPYY2022: Redeem 600 Ruby with this coupon
  • NEWYEAR2022: 1,000+ Stamina
  • SANTAUIGIFT: Claim your mystery Sword Master Story Gift
  • SCHOOL: Get x500 Stamina with this code
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