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It’s a great experience to spend with friends and test your teamwork and problem solving skills. The attention is very good, they help you when you get stuck and they are very cool. I highly recommend it.

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Price: FreeWelcome to the Upside Down World. It’s been two months since you closed the portal using all your ‘Weird Power’. You have been escaping from the threats that plague this reality thanks to your skill and ingenuity. Luckily, you’ve found a safe haven and are safe, but you don’t know how long it will last. You’ll need to understand how the place works in order to escape in time, as, since you entered, each night gets darker.For all intents and purposes, this is an online escape room experience, so once the first of the group enters the game, time cannot be stopped.Best of luckPlay2. The challengeResources needed: Computer, tablet or cell phone

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Price: 3,99 €With your ticket you can use only one device and a maximum of four different ones. And play with your friends remotely using multi-conference applications or from the same location. It is recommended not to share screen, as there is a lot of audiovisual content and doing so could spoil the experience.  Whoever accesses the game for the first time will activate the timer, which will affect all players, and you will have 150 minutes to solve the challenge. The activity is adapted for people with hearing impairment and color blindness.Play3. Resident RiddleResources needed: Computer, tablet or cell phone.

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Playing Palindrome Syndrome Escape Room [English HD

Leaving the arcane amulet, we did not know what to expect from this new challenge from Torrenigma. The curious thing is that their next game, they plan to put it in the same space as this Source Code, is something we have never seen before and a priori it seems that it may confuse people, but we’ll see how they end up raising it.

The way of playing here changes, because in the team we had the help of the Hacker. The game, unlike his other room, has electronics and games a little more complicated, but nothing impossible to overcome, even for less experienced groups.

With good timing, we managed the mission in time and solved the story around Towernet, despite running out of reward cupcake in the end…. But in Torrenigma you get a little souvenir key if you manage to escape.

Playing Tested on Humans Escape Room [English HD] [01] [01

Wonderland is in total disarray. Time has stopped – or rather, someone has stolen it! The red queen accused Humpty Dumpty of it, but is it really true? We’re waiting for a very brave team to bring justice. In the land where cowardice and madness rule, only true heroes can find the thief of time, return it to the inhabitants of the wonderful world and set time running again, so that everything goes back to the way it used to be.

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We went last week to Lostroom. We didn’t really know what we were going for because it was a gift. Honestly it was amazing! From the moment we entered the place to the moment we left, the lady who attended us was super nice. The activity we chose (virtual) incredible, I will not give more data because you have to go to try it!!!! But without a doubt…. we will repeat!!! 100% recommended. My most sincere congratulations to the LOSTROOM team.