Simple computer games to code


The boom of board games has no exception in those that are aimed at the little ones to acquire the basics common to many programming languages or at least to relicen, playing, an introduction to concepts such as algorithms, loops…

A classic in which players, using cards that represent program instructions, must avoid obstacles and reach the gem. The player who makes no mistakes and reaches the end of the game in the most optimized way, is the winner. It costs 37 euros.

An interesting and motivating mix between games based exclusively on cards that simulate programming instructions, and robots that we can program. This game is not one of the cheapest, and costs 69 euros.

With challenges divided by levels, from beginner to advanced, the aim of the game is to solve the problems posed by color codes by means of instructions that guide a virtual robot. It costs less than 13 euros.

Slightly more complex to play and only with single player mode, this Rover Control puts us at the controls of an explorer robot that must be guided through different challenges in terrains with different problems to solve. It costs 24 euros.


A video game programming language, scripting language, or code, is the system that video game programmers use to shape the configuration and mechanics of a game. In other words, it is the machinery that makes a game work in a certain way.

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In this sense, each programming language used in video games has specific objectives and is used for a reason. The different codes have a different syntax and are more efficient to perform certain tasks.

However, many programming languages overlap and are compatible with each other, each of which contributes to the overall game experience. For this reason, it is not uncommon for programmers, in the development of certain games, to use several of the languages that we are going to mention in the following sections.

In addition, not always the same amount of memory or the same level of interactivity is needed in a game, so it can be economized by using languages to program video games that are much simpler.

Programming games for teenagers

So this title is becoming the gateway that many parents use to get their kids started in coding languages. And get a solid computer science foundation that can be key to their future career.

It is one of those fundamental tools. It is an open source editor with which to modify worlds, create maps and edit structures. But perhaps its most interesting function is that it allows you to make copies of the objects in a given world and move them to other universes. Thus, we will be able to clone elements from older versions and take them to the new updates of the game.

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Currently, the alpha version of MCEdit 2 is under development. It offers new brush features to place blocks in different shapes, integration with the server to expand and contract the territory and editors for blocks such as chests, of which it is possible to modify their content.

If you want to learn MCEdit, it is possible to download the program from its own website. The source code of each resource and documentation about its plugins are also available. On the other hand, at mcedit-unified they provide us with a constantly updated manual with many explanations about its use.

Online programming games for kids

Adventure games are back, or did they never go away? If you want to make such a game, either in the retro style of Lucas Arts adventure games, or with more modern mechanics, you can do it with Adventure Game Studio.

Construct 3 has been the most powerful HTML5 web game engine (if you want the free option), and now allows you to create games on various platforms (the usual iOs, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux).

The main advantage of Construct 3, although its most popular version is Construct 2, is that being a web program you can run it anywhere, either on an iPad or on a computer with Ubuntu or Chrome OS.

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Interestingly, you can export to iOS and Android in the free version, but not to PC. It has a fairly modern interface and promises quite a lot, although the paid version can be a bit expensive and is annual license (although if you develop much faster it can be worth it).

Creating a world in Roblox is quite simple, you place pieces as if it were a Lego and that’s it!  Being a game designed as an infinite number of online worlds, where anyone can play, comes standard with integrated chat for your friends or those who play in your world.