Pokemon Sword and Shield Mystery Gift Codes January 2022

This is a dedicated page designed for you to provide the latest and most updated Pokemon Sword and Shield Mystery Gift codes for January 2022. All these codes are verified and ready to use, as we update the codes on a regular basis so that you never get to miss any new Mystery Gifts before they got expired, so don’t miss to join our Telegram channel, Facebook page, and Reddit community page to get notified directly as soon as publish new codes or re-update new gifts or links.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Mystery Gift Codes

These Pokemon Sword and Shield Mystery Gift codes will redeem you many amazing free items like: Pokeballs, Bootle Cap, Battle Points, Cap Pikachu, and many more rewards.

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Table of Contents

Pokemon Sword and Shield Mystery Gift Codes January 2022 (Working)

  • P25MUS1C: Claim a Free Singing Pikachu using this gift code. Redeem Now

We are working on getting new codes as soon as possible, please bookmark this page to check regularly.

Some more gift codes that might work (Outdated list)

Mystery Gift CodesRewards
P1KACHUGETClaim Ash’s Pikachu Original cap
1CH00SEY0UFree Partner Cap Pikachu using this promo code for Pokemon Sword and Shield
CR0WNF1NALSRedeem this mystery code to get amazing mysterious items
P1KAADVANCEEnjoy Hoenn Cap Pikachu with this mystery code
P1KABESTW1SHUnlock Unova Cap Pikachu with this gift code
VOLTTACKLEP1APokemon Sword and Shield mystery gift codes to redeem Sinnoh Cap Pikachu
KAL0SP1KAGet Kalos Cap Pikachu
ULTAP1KARedeem this Pokemon mystery gift code to unlock Alola Cap Pikachu
K1NP1KA1855Enjoy World Cap Pikachu using this promo code
PKMNPLAYERSCUPClaim Porygon2 and many more items
PJCS2019CHAMPCollect Gastrodon using this mystery gift codes
TRA1NERSCUPGet Shiny Amoonguss with this promo code
PUNR0CKEnjoy x3 TR94- High Horsepower
C0MPET1T10NWith this Pokemon Sword and Shield Mystery gift codes, collect x1 Bottle Cap
SUPEREFF1CACEGet 20 Battle Points
GIGAGRANF1NALEx10 Heal Balls and many amazing items for free
AREAS1LVESTRERedeem x10 Premier Balls with this code
GALARSave x1 Bottle Cap
KAMPFTEAMFree 20 Battle Points using this Pokemon promo code for January 2022
0T0SH1DAMAEnjoy 10 Dive Balls
G1GANTAMAXClaim 20 Battle Points, use these points wisely
PRESENTMega Mysterious gift bonus, get x10 Luxury Poke Balls
1YAHAYARedeem x1 Heavy Ball, x1 Lure Ball, and x1 Beast Ball

Open your game

Once you open your game, tap on the main menu in the game homepage

Click Mystery Gift option

Select Get a Mystery Gift

Now it will redirect you to the next page

Click Get with Code/Password

Now just copy the above-mentioned mystery gift codes

Paste the code in the box and click apply now. Hurray your rewards have been redeemed.

How to get Pokemon Sword and Shield Mystery gift Codes?

To get these mystery gift codes on a regular basis, don’t forget to join our Telegram page and other social media pages which will help to notify as soon as new codes are updated or published on Pokemon and
other various amazing games.

Can we redeem Pokemon mystery gift codes daily?

No you can’t redeem same mystery code twice, you’ll need a new code to redeem new rewards. To get the most of these codes bookmark this page to check regular for new codes

Disclaimer: All images and links related to Pokemon Swords and Shield is a Trademark property of © 2022 Pokemon/© 2022 Nintendo . ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. All credits and image rights, trademarks belong to them. We don’t own any of the stuff.

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