No code game engine


An engine that already has several known games. It is totally free if you want to publish on the web. But if you want to put your game in the phone app stores, or you want to play it also in Windows, you will have to pay.

An engine that integrates 100% with Blender (which is also free). It is still under development, but it is totally free. If you already know Blender, or it is a skill you would like to develop, maybe this is the engine you need.

An engine whose premise is the creation of games that are very light and without too many demands. Of course the engine itself is also very light, and does not require too much. Plus you have access to a variety of community creations.

Since I was very young I was fascinated by Science Fiction and Fantasy in all its aspects, whether in literature, video games, comics, movies, etc.. That’s why I have dedicated this blog to the creation and promotion of these two genres in all their forms.


The Explorer: 2D is a collection of mechanics, tools, systems, art and other assets to complete your 2D game. The kit includes an example game created with these systems. You can complete this great project in less than two hours and without having to write code.

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Ruby’s Adventure is a project that guides beginner creators through the basics of programming and 2D game development. During Ruby’s Adventure, you’ll learn how (and why) to use sprites, and you’ll be able to create your first script, use the Tilemap tool and decorate your scene, as well as create particles, user interface (UI), audio and more.

Thomas Brush’s channel is full of practical tips and inspiration. Start with the videos titled 5 steps to making a gorgeous 2D game and Anyone can make 2D games!


If you’ve already read several of our posts on this topic, we’re sure that we’ve awakened in you the desire to train yourself in video game programming, right? Perfect! Today we’re going to trick you even more and we’ll reveal the best applications for creating games. Pay attention and take note!

As far as the top applications for creating games are concerned, Unreal Engine is at the top. It is a totally free program, from a certain income you have to pay a percentage, although you need to have good programming skills, especially in C++, to be able to use the 3D engine in all its splendor.

One of the best applications to create adventure games, either with retro style or with more modern mechanics, you can do it with Adventure Game Studio. It is also free, so to make a point and click game for Windows, this option is the most recommended.

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The free version of the app to create games Buildbox allows you to create a world in a very simple way, since it has no programming language and everything is done through blocks or action boxes. You can export to iOS and Android in the free version, but not to PC. In addition, it has a fairly modern interface.

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If you like classic point & click adventure games like Monkey Island or the recent Thimbleweed Park, we recommend Adventure Game Studio. You can create great games, although it requires patience to learn its scripting language.

The first thing to keep in mind is that you can play Roblox on almost any platform. It is available on PC, on mobile devices, both Android and iPhone and on console, on Xbox One. It is an online platform for us to create our own video games or play the adventures that other users have shared. Once we have our account, we can download Roblox to any system and start creating.

The environment allows us to work with basic constructions, reminiscent of LEGO or Minecraft, but depending on our level we can run very complex games, even in subjective perspective.

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If your thing is to create a free fighting videogame in the style of Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat, M.U.G.E.N is your program. It is a videogame engine oriented to the development of 2D fighting games. Its first version was released in 1999 and since then it is one of the most used programs to create video games due to its simplicity and versatility. It is possible to have fighters from any game and also create new ones with their own skills.