MoeGirl Go Codes: CD Key Promo Code January 2022

Moegirl Go Codes 2022

Moegirl Go is a fantasy action Sword Fighting game in which your character plays the role of a summoner who can summon the legendary heroes to fight with you but with a crazy twist. When you summon your legendary heroes in the game they will change into super cute girls, now they will fight alongside you to save the world from evil.

Moegirl go codes

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Moegirl Go! is a free to play game and is available to download both on Android and iOS

Android: Download Now

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Moegirl Go Codes | CD Key Promo code list – January 2022

Promo Code
mggmisaki Collect this code to get x10 Summon Stones, x20 Adv EXP, and x1 Rune Chest ll
mggbaobao Redeem this code to collect x10 Summon Stones, x20 Adv. EXP, and x1 Rune Chest ll
peemanas Use Moegirl Go code “peemanas” to claim x10 Summon Stones and 200x gems
mggkik Get 100 gems, x1 Adv Summon Stone, and x1 Adv. Gold Exchange reward
black Claim free 300+ gems, and x10  Summon Stones
moegirl888 Moegirl Go Redeem Code to get x300 gems, and x10 Gold Exchange
moegirl777 Free 10x Gold Exchange with 300x gold for Moegirl Go
moegirl999 Get MoeGirl Go! CD-Key gems code, claim x300 gems, x10 Gold Exchange
mgg777 10x Summon Stones, 100+ Gems, and x1 Rare pet Egg for the Moegirl Go game
mgg999 This code will get you x100 gems, 1 rare pet Egg, and 10 Summon Stones
mgg888 Free Moegirl Go Rare Pet code, get 1 rare pet Egg with 10 Summon Stones, and 100+ gems
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Moegirl Go! in-game features, tips, and tricks

  • The Game offers a clean UI experience for users as well as awesome Graphics.
  • To get x10 Draw and SSR Heroes daily, you only come online at least once in the game every 24 hours.
  • Now you can even create teams in the game to play together and beat the crap of the opponents.
  • Claim your free diamonds, Gold, and Giftpacks daily.
  • Now you can play with your favorite Legendary heroes such as King Arthur, Alexander, Genghis Khan and turn them into cute super girls to command them to beat the evil.
  • The game offers tons of variety as each hero has his/her unique abilities, voice packs, fighting skills, upgradation techniques which makes the game more interesting to play.
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How to Redeem Moegirl Go Codes?

Moegirl Go Promo Codes 2022

Redeeming these codes is very easy as most of the time you don’t need any guide to know how you can redeem these codes. But if you’re still stuck at how you can claim Moegirl Go Codes, all you need is to follow the below steps:

1: Open your game, In the Home Screen, find the setting button and click on that.

2: Now once you click on the setting button, it will open a new window here you need to find a Pack Code Button.

3: Click on that

4:  Now Copy the above-mentioned Moegirl Go Pack code of your choice and paste it in that box and click on the Exchange button.

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5. Once you click on that, you’ll get your awesome free rewards.

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