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Hld — Preserved Advantage. Earned when a relief pitcher enters a game in a save situation (see SvOp, below, for definition, gets at least one out, and exits the game without having given up a lead lost

SvOp — Save opportunities. When a pitcher 1) enters the game with a lead of three runs or less and pitches at least one inning, 2) enters the game with the potential tying run on base, in the batter’s box or in the waiting circle, or 3) pitches three or more innings with a lead and is credited with a save by the official scorer

New 2021 mlb rules

Many fans for various reasons do not agree with some of them but it is good that they know them (especially the new generations) so that they can better interpret all the actions that occur within a ball field.

This is one of the most controversial unwritten rules or “laws” in baseball. “Putting on a show after a hit, staring at the ball for too long, throwing the bat in the air or running the bases too slowly, as well as “having a party” in the box after a strikeout, can hurt the opponent’s pride.

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The objective of the game is to win it, but humiliating the opponent can be a serious mistake in a game. While it is true that despite a big lead batters have to keep attacking and producing runs, reaching an extra base in such a way in the midst of these conditions goes against the codes of piety and humanity itself and is usually punished.

It is considered a great sin when the opposing team has let its guard down and does not take care of runners on base due to a disproportionate score. Taking advantage of this situation is a disloyal act in this sport and can generate problems within the same game.


Chicago Cubs’ Kris Bryant, left, steals second as Cleveland Indians shortstop Francisco Lindor misses the throw during the fifth inning of Game 5 of the Major League Baseball World Series Sunday, Oct. 30, 2016, in Chicago.

Here, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and a ball for a ball apply. Sometimes it’s a message sent to the other team. Managers are clear that they have a duty to protect their player and their team. What they call “You have to be respected”. However, many times it is not ordered by the manager. It is decided by the pitcher himself. It comes as a consequence of things that happened before, so they think “I’m going to get even”. You have pitchers like Jake Arrieta and Clayton Kershaw who everyone knows are well controlled. When they take a hit you realize right away that it came as a result of.

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The rule says, “Don’t put on a show”. Latinos live things up. However, there are still those who maintain the ‘old school’ style of batting and running the bases without celebrating. Certainly, when a batter stares at the home run it appears to ridicule and humiliate the opponent. The rule is clear¨Don’t stand around. Otherwise, you don’t respect the game and the opponent.    Of course, we know that it is a very difficult rule to sustain in these times when young people like to enjoy the things they do, but it should not be done to the extreme. So in the unwritten rule it is understood that if you shine, you get the bolazo.


Such was the case today, Wednesday night at Fenway Park, when fellow DH Sanó put all his strength into a hanging slider off Boston Red Sox Canadian right-hander Nick Pivetta and sent a solo home run over the Green Monster and out of Fenway Park for a titanic blast measured by Statcast at 495 feet, the longest home run in the majors this season. The long ball gave Minnesota a 2-0 lead in the top of the third inning. Here’s the video: That home run didn’t just leave Fenway Park; it sailed out of the ballpark into left-center field, to the right of the big light tower on the Green Monster’s side of center field.

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