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The first day of the trial between Epic Games (creator of Fortnite) and Apple has begun, with the companies offering opening statements. Presiding is U.S. District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers, in a North Carolina courtroom.

The saga begins in August 2020, when Apple removed the Fortnite app from the App Store after Epic Games introduced a direct payment method in the app in order to purchase in-game currency, V-Bucks, in defiance of App Store rules. As it became clear, it was all a long-planned strategy, as a few hours later Epic Games filed the lawsuit against Apple accusing it of anti-competitive actions and describing the App Store as a monopoly.

When asked about whether there is a difference between Apple’s 30% in-app purchases and similar commissions paid to console creators, Sweeney claimed that there is a “general bargain” in the gaming industry. Consoles are sold losing money and need to make it back through the commissions they charge game developers, while it makes money on the iPhone.

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The iPhone is a very secure device. This is due, almost equally, to how closed the platform is and the fact that applications are not allowed to do certain things. An application that is not distributed from the App Store can bypass almost any restriction, access private APIs, modify system files, etc. It’s not hard to imagine how quickly these applications could wreak havoc on the device, we only have to think of jailbreaking and how it breaks the iPhone’s security measures to access restricted parts of the system.

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But this lack of security would extend to transactions – would we pay for a subscription to a task management app that we know nothing about? I wouldn’t even sign up for the one-week trial. Now when we buy an app we are buying it from Apple. When we pay for a subscription it is Apple we are handing over the money to. An iPhone with apps from outside the App Store would mean that every app would have a direct relationship with the developer: an account, a credit card, permissions that may or may not be asked for, etc.


[Opinion] The purchase of Bethesda by Microsoft through the acquisition of its parent company ZeniMax Media, has fallen like a bombshell in the global technology and especially in the super-billion dollar video game industry. And it is not, in my opinion, good news for the global gaming community and especially for those of us who preferably play on PC.

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I’m talking about the Zenimax purchase because it’s today, but (with the peculiarities of each operation) I think in a similar way of another bombshell of this September: the purchase of ARM by NVIDIA. And let alone if Oracle ends up buying TikTok thanks to Trump’s threats and a pernicious use of “national security” by shamefully influencing a capitalist market system that the U.S. president boasts about, and which compromises the smooth development of world trade.

And beyond. Video games are by far the world’s leading entertainment industry and they don’t just move digital code or consoles. The related revenues are colossal including personal computers, peripherals, accessories and all kinds of specialized components that wouldn’t sell if we took games out of the equation. What consumer would spend 500-600-800 euros to buy a dedicated graphics card if they didn’t have games?


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So let’s get started. Running Android Apps on PC #1 BlueStacks is the oldest and probably the first Android emulator on the market. There was a time when it dominates the market, not only because of the monopoly, but it was very good. However, there are two main problems with it. One, it requires a graphics card (and a powerful system) to work well. In fact, one of my post on how to get using BlueStacks has over 300 comments on BlueStacks error. And two, it follows a Freemium model now.

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