Learn how to code a video game


Once you have opened the studio, you can start coding immediately by clicking on the plus sign. There are many templates to choose from, which makes it easier to get started if you have never coded before. However, templates are not just for students. Professional web developers use templates every day to make their work easier. Learning how to change them with different pieces of code will allow you to build other things faster. A free developer guide can walk you through the rest of the process of creating your own Roblox obstacle course. If you want to learn more, you can ask your parents to sign you up for an online Roblox coding course.


Programming languages have also adapted to all these platforms, and we can find engines and frameworks of all kinds and with all possible exports. GameSalad, Unity, Unreal Engine, Construct 2, Game Maker Studio… all these tools are at an affordable price and with the possibility of competing with the big studios (depending on the effort and time, of course).

That said, it seems easier than ever to create your own video game. However, although many of the programs have a graphical interface that can help you a lot to make simple games, in the end you have to start programming, so you have to learn to program from scratch.

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And let’s not talk about the marketing part. Publishing a game in any store (either for mobile or PC) does not guarantee downloads or sales. If you want to do it right, you have to have a website and/or take advantage of social networks to let everyone know what you are doing.

I hope I haven’t depressed you with everything I’ve said (now it’s starting to perk up). Back to the topic: if you want to start learning programming, know that it is not difficult, but you will not know how to do it in a week.


A video game programming language, scripting, or code, is the system that video game programmers use to shape the configuration and mechanics of a game. In other words, it is the machinery that makes a game work in a certain way.

In this sense, each programming language used in video games has specific objectives and is used for a reason. The different codes have a different syntax and are more efficient to perform certain tasks.

However, many programming languages overlap and are compatible with each other, each of which contributes to the overall game experience. For this reason, it is not uncommon for programmers, in the development of certain games, to use several of the languages that we are going to mention in the following sections.

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In addition, not always the same amount of memory or the same level of interactivity is needed in a game, so you can economize by using languages to program video games that are much simpler.

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Many see this as a business model and want to know how to start programming video games. Others simply out of curiosity, fun or a bit of everything, in any case let’s see what we need to start in this world of video game programming.

The big studios have several dozens of programmers, specialized in different areas. In video game programming the main teams and/or disciplines that you can find are the following.

These are the main areas in which the big studios are divided and may vary in many of them, but these are the main disciplines of video game programming. Ok, I have it clear, which one do I start with? All of them and none of them.

When you start none of the areas has a high degree of complexity and the indie programmer must learn to deal with all areas, specializations is good to keep in mind for the future, but to start you will have to learn a little of everything.

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When you get into video game development for the first time, the first thing you do is to make a clone of your favorite Final Fantasy, GTA or MMORPG and what happens is what has to happen: you fail miserably. All of us who started one day went through that and it is good to see the level of complexity of these projects and what such a work of software engineering means.