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Grand theft auto: vice city

PS2 CheatsXbox CheatsPS4 CheatsOn this page, we show you the complete list with all the cheats for GTA Vice City on PC, with which you can generate any type of vehicle, become invincible or get the most varied effects to cause chaos in the city.

These are all the tricks with which you can make any vehicle appear in the game, become invincible, recover life, have all the weapons or create a variety of effects with which to sow chaos and much more.

These are all the Grand Theft Auto Vice City PC cheats that exist. Remember that for them to work you have to enter the codes manually in each game and you have to enter the keys from the keyboard directly without pausing the game.

Grand theft auto: san andreas

The improvements are what we can unlock in a game of the Grand Theft Auto saga to make certain requirements or side missions, which serve to benefit the character physically giving advantages when you have setbacks, making it more powerful. There are also improvements in cars and weapons that can give you an advantage.

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In Grand Theft Auto III, Claude’s health can be increased if he has sex with a Prostitute. His health will increase to 125%, but it won’t stay that way permanently. It will last until his health decreases or he is eliminated.

In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Tommy’s maximum health can be increased if he successfully passes level 10 of the pizza delivery missions. His health will increase to 150%. Once all of the game’s objectives are done, Tommy will gain 50% more maximum health, for a total of 200% maximum health.

In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Carl’s maximum health can be increased by successfully completing level 12 paramedic missions. As an alternative to the paramedic missions, Carl can increase his health by doing exercises that increase his endurance, such as jogging or riding bicycles.

Keys to vice city of jet skis

How to unlock all the weapons, get the best cars or have endless money? GTA Vice City cheat codes are back on Nintendo Switch, just like in the original game at the time! Check out the full list of cheat codes for GTA Vice City on Nintendo Switch.

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Do you want to be invisible with maximum life, the police finally leave you alone or put all their means on your heels? Of course, this is possible with GTA Vice City cheat codes on Nintendo Switch.

Fancy a bit of mayhem on the streets of Vice City or madly liking the women who cross your path? There’s a cheat code for that on Nintendo Switch, among many other possibilities!

Want to perk up with the police hot on your heels or peace of mind dismissing all the officers chasing you on your routine patrol? GTA Vice City cheat codes on Nintendo Switch also allow you to adjust the level of police investigation roaming the open world of Rockstar!

Grand theft auto: vice city stories

GTA Vice City is one of the great games of the brand, being so in the same we could see in his day as Rockstar put us in control of Tommy Vercetti after being released from prison and being assigned to Vice City by his boss, where they steal all the money and aims to recover it.

For all this, and knowing that GTA Vice City has cheats, codes and keys that you can use to unlock different extras in this guide you will find the combinations of buttons and codes needed to unlock it. Of course, keep in mind that if you save the game in the Xbox and PlayStation versions, you will not be able to get the Platinum or Gold.

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Finally, with the arrival of GTA Trilogy, Nintendo also has its own version of GTA Vice City and, therefore, with its own cheats for Nintendo Switch. Of course, as the game has just been released, we will have to wait to be able to put all the cheats available so that we can check them one by one before.