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Among some of the most famous gaming platforms you can find are: Steam, Xbox Live, Playstation Network. The secure payment system allows you to buy your keys in complete security and with the main payment methods, not to mention that thanks to the marketplace system that G2A offers to its users you will be able to find the best offer of the product you are looking for, always with the best support and in complete security.

The delivery of the products is quite efficient and fast, which guarantees to start playing in the shortest possible time games like PES, FIFA, Grand Theft Auto, Resident Evil or Call of Duty among the most famous.

How to get your G2A discount code and what advantages it offers youDiscount codes give several advantages over any online purchase, these discounts (mostly with deadline), offer discounts on the items to be purchased, but can also offer surprise gifts, FREE samples, free trial time or a completely free shipping and no minimum purchase.

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PLAYSTATION ACCOUNT: You will receive a Playstation account to download and play It Takes Two PS4. As soon as it is downloaded you will be able to play with your own account. Follow the instructions of the seller and read carefully the description of the store about any language and region restrictions.

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PLAYSTATION CODE : This is a Playstation Game Code to download It Takes Two PS4. Activate the code on the Playstation Network. Please read carefully the store description for any language and region restrictions.


This is an “old” compilation about the G2A store, but we no longer recommend its use as a digital store, since the commissions applied to payments are quite abusive, and all sales are left to private sellers with codes of dubious origin. Our current recommendation, as you can see in our TOP Trusted Shops is Instant-Gaming.

Instant-Gaming offers better conditions than other stores like Kinguin and G2A, more transparency and zero commissions with card payments. We have tested their store and it works really well, and besides having competitive prices on PC games, Steam, Origin,, it is also official store for many cases and they sell directly, and not with third parties as happens with other stores. Console owners will also be interested in their spectacular prices for renewing PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold. Effective and highly recommended, take a look.

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Being digital products, shipping is very simple, as they give you the code (Key) directly by email, for you to redeem it at the store to which it belongs. It is very easy, go to the service for which you have purchased the product and look for “Redeem code”, when you put it there it will detect it as if you had bought it in the same official store, but thanks to at a great price.

Cyberpunk 2077

Do you like video games? What a question! Of course you do. And you also love to find fabulous new releases at a good price, don’t you? Of course you do. Well, now you have all that at your disposal and much more. Thanks to the discount code G2A you will be able to get fabulous discounts on all your video game purchases offered by this formidable marketplace with more traffic than a highway on a holiday. Enter, browse it and find all those references that you like so much at incredible prices. Your savings are guaranteed, and so is your fun.

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Every self-respecting gamer has in G2A a store where to give free rein to his hobby. A place where you can buy all kinds of video games at much more affordable prices than on official websites, something already attractive for every user, as it allows you to save good money.

If you also make use of your G2A discount code, the prices of all your games will be reduced in a greater proportion, ensuring you by far the best purchase in these fun leisure items.