Elona Mobile Gift Codes- January 2022

Elona Mobile Gift Codes 2022

Elona Mobile is a classical Role Playing 2D game that is free-to-play. The game is open-world which means you can enjoy the exploration of large map size. Elona Mobile game has no auto controls, no similar kills, and no more shitting around, just enjoy the Roguelike Role Playing game.

This is a dedicated page designed for you to provide the latest and most updated Elona Mobile Gift codes for January 2022, All these promo codes are tested and ready to use. Just copy the code from this page and paste it into the box Gift box. Don’t worry Elona Mobile Gift Codes Redeeming guide is also available on this page. Click here to go to the Redeeming guide.

Elona Mobile Gift Codes

About Elona Mobile: The game story starts when you board a ship which causes a shipwreck while your character tries to escape Etherwind which causes the mutations. The next day when you woke up, you find yourself in North Tyris (a mysterious place in the game) which is known for its strangeness, and for its dangerousness. Here in this place, you’ll start your new adventure which contains exciting quests, amazing places, powerful enemies and more.

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Elona Mobile Gift Codes January 2022 (Working List)

  • lesson2: Claim free rewards using this promo code
  • lesson1: Enjoy free gifts
  • elona: Get x1 Gold Badge using Elona Game gift code for January 2022

(More Codes coming soon. Keep visiting Jojo Codes for more)

Elona Mobile in-game features, tricks, and tips

  • This game is all about following your dreams: If you want to become a business tycoon, so be a tycoon, if you want to become a Farmer or you say chef, you can become that and enjoy your game as every decision is important in this game, your decision will lead you in the game, as game mechanics works as per your decision.
  • Find Unreal treasures: Love Dungeons Treasures hunting? If yes then you’re gonna love this game as much as I do. Arm yourself while hunting treasures as you will find dangerous evils, which need to be defeated.
  • Upgrade your skills to become the monster slayer.
  • Free Character Building: The game has around 11 races and 15 Classes to choose from. Choose your character as per your choice and become the legend.
  • Bizarre Game Environment: Elona Mobile has a bizarre gaming environment. Do you know in this game Horse lays Eggs? Haha, that’s not all. Do you know what are your weapons for fighting in deadly battles? Guess…… and the almighty weapon is “Panties”.
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Q: How to increase stats in the Elona Mobile Game?

A: Well, you need to drink water from the Toilet.

Some more Elona Mobile gift codes that might work (Outdated list)

  • Barry: Free gifts with this code
  • Palmia: Claim your free gifts
  • Jure: Enjoy x5000 Gold Coins and x1 Shaman Transformation Ink
Gift CodesRewards
SnailPianistThis Elona promo code will get you 5x Platinum Coins, x1 Yeek Transformation Ink
NorthTyrisClaim x5000 Gold Coins, x1 Squirrel Transformation Ink
BeggarCorpseRedeem Elona Mobile Gift Codes to get 5 Platinum Coins, x1 Fire Drake Transformation Ink
HAPPYNEWYEAREnjoy free x5000 Gold Coins, x2 Scroll of Flyings, x5 Potion of Evolution, and x1 Girl Coin
SteelGolemWith this redeem code you’ll get 5000 Gold Coins and x1 Steel Golem Transformation Ink
GwentheInnocentFree x5000 Gold coins, and x1 Gwen Transformation Ink
JoinDiscordClaim x10 Platinum Coins, x1 Pumpkin Knight Transformation Ink using Elona Mobile Gift Codes 2022
LOVEFORYOUALLEnjoy 10,000 Gold Coins, and x5 Love Potions using Elona Mobile Codes for April 2022
AlwaysHappyThis promo code can be used to redeem x5000 gold coins, x1 Asura Transformation Ink, and more amazing gifts. Redeem Now

How to Redeem Elona Mobile Gift Codes?

These Elona Mobile Gift Codes are very easy to redeem all you need is to follow the steps to claim your thousands of free gifts and coins

  1. Open your game.
  2. Now go to the Cyber Dome Building.
  3. When you’re in the building, go straight and then turn right.
  4. Here you’ll see a Green Locker which is called as “Delivery Box
  5. Go to that box.
  6. When you are near the box you’ll see a Code Redemption window.
  7. All you need is now to copy the above-mentioned code of your choice and paste it into that box
  8. Click Collect now and redeem your amazing free rewards.
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Download Elona Mobile (Free links)

For Andorid: Download now

For iOS: Download now

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