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To enter the world of Code Lyoko or Code Lyoko you will only have to create a free account on the author’s website, and from then on, you will get in contact with Jeremie who will guide your steps through the virtual world, helping you to avoid the dangers of the place.

After contacting Jeremi and the guys at Lyoko, you will be able to create and customize your character as you wish. Warrior, samurai, guardian, ninja or feline, which one do you identify with? If you are afraid of the world of Lyoko or having to face Xana alone, you can invite a friend to play with you. You will start with an initial training, which will allow you to learn how to control your character’s abilities and then, once you are ready, you will enter the world of Lyoko.

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The IFSCL is characterized by its interface, very similar to the one seen in the animated series Code Lyoko. It has been created in two major development seasons (+info). In the first, up to version 2.6.2, it used commands such as “processX(command_for_such_process)”. From version 3.0.0.c onwards, it uses more comfortable and easier to use commands such as “process” simply, and once the process is opened “subcommand”, “parameter.subcommand”, “subcommand.parameter1.parameter2”, for example.

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Version 4.4.X, which will be the next version, will include chapter 3 of the Story Mode with its respective locations and a new type of Replika as the main new features. More information in the “Changelog” and in the Future Versions and Story Mode sections.

– Various improvements. Due to the extent of these, their quantity and their variability over time, it has been decided to keep this less important section exclusively in the “Official Expansion Features Changelog”.

Code lyoko game

I love code lyoko is the best series in the world. My favorite prsonag is odd mola muxo when virtualized in lyoko aunq is a little pallaso but it’s fun. I never get tired of watching it, but I hope to see the 5th season soon.

i really like code lyoko at school my friends and i play code lyoko, i like yumi a kiss for her and for aelita the second one i like the most ulrich and odd i love them too and jeremie more or less but i also like him a lot i’m his number 1 fan i love you guys!!!!! VIVA CODE LYOCO!!!!

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Hi my name is Sara, i am the number 1 fan of code lyoko because i always think about code lyoko and i always want to play i want the game off xana because the other one i have already passed here you have my msn code lyoko is fantastic before i thought it was poop and now it is the best thing in the world i never get tired of watching the repeated chapters i like all of code lyoko but especially aelita i also like xana sisi everyone that shows that i am a big fan of code lyoko viva viva viva viva viva via code lyoko code lyoko code lyoko is the best thing in the world esntero

IFSCL, the best game of Codigo Lyoko

IFSCL is characterized by its interface, very similar to the one seen in the Code Lyoko animation series. It used commands such as “processX(command_for_such_process)” until version 2.6.2. From this version on, it uses more convenient and easy to use commands such as “process” simply, and once the process is opened “subcommand”, “parameter.subcommand”, “subcommand.parameter1.parameter2”, for example. It has a graphical adventure style click-fighting. It has been evolving by versions.

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Also since version 2.0.5, the creator includes a secret program called “Immu’s room”, which is activated with a special secret code that the creator reveals shortly before the release of the next version. In this program we can see graphic images about the next version.