Assembly games source code

Assembler Game in 13h Mode

Assembler is a low level programming language, it is so called because its structure is very close to machine language as opposed to high level languages which provide a higher level of abstraction.

In this opportunity I want to share the source code and executable of a simple assembly language game, this is a spaceship game in which you must destroy enemy ships and dodge asteroids. I built this application for the first practice of the course Computer Architecture and Assemblers 1.

Block 1.1 Simple Games in C: Three in a Row

I thought it was the same notebook I had seen before, because I happened to have two blue notebooks of the same model, but I lost one. To my surprise, I discovered that it was the second lost notebook where I put my first Z80 assembler program!

This game was written in June 1988, my father was teaching a class on programming the VDP TMS9128 processor. This video processor was widely available at that time (via Digikey) due to the crash of personal computers.

Unfortunately my hands were not accurate enough to hold a soldering iron, so I had been watching bored as the students enjoyed building their computers, how they got them to work, and how they worked out the bugs.

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This allowed me tons of time to think about the concept of Z80 assembler programming. I had been unable to grasp the concept of how to put instructions together. The weeks leading up to that Sunday (I can remember it being Sunday), as I watched my father put the code for the monitor/VDP/keyboard EPROM for the student computer, I finally got the light bulb. Of course! Several instructions make up a BASIC language statement, so it was a matter of replicating the same thing in assembler.

Sequence of Lights-Complete Explanation PIC 16F84A

I wanted to talk about the indie plague but after writing about 10 entries that I didn’t want to publish I decided to put it aside and concentrate on the part that affects me. And so that the indie plague doesn’t affect me I have taken the decision not to participate anymore in the development of 2D games.

Before I get into the subject I’m going to troll a little bit. You see, back then I believed that the blame for the ineptitude of Mexicans to program videogames had cultural or academic reasons rather than historical ones, since I saw that in that period when what we call here “La H.Industria” was born, everyone seemed to come from or seek to employ people of the same origin. But then I got to see groups that had nothing to do with that demographic that tried to make games and failed because of their ineptitude in programming and when they managed to get something playable the level of sales was not high enough to recover the investment.

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That historical period as I said was key in countries where now there is a real video game industry. But now let’s see what happened in Mexico, and although it had something to do with the problem with the importation of computers, in the case of 8-bit systems this was not so bad, but other strange things did happen.

Assembler cat game

The text of a C++ program consists of tokens and whitespace. A token is the minimum element of a C++ program that is meaningful to the compiler. The C++ parser recognizes these types of tokens:

The C++ standard specifies a basic source character set that can be used in source code files. To represent characters outside this set, additional characters can be specified by using a universal character name. The MSVC implementation allows additional characters. The basic source character set consists of 96 characters that can be used in source code files. This set includes the space character, horizontal tab, vertical tab, page feed and newline control characters, plus the following set of graphic characters:

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Universal character names can be used in identifiers as well as string and character literals. A universal character name cannot be used to represent an alternate code point in the range 0xD800 to 0xDFFF. Instead, the desired code point must be used. The compiler automatically generates the necessary alternates. Additional restrictions apply to the universal character names that can be used in identifiers. For more information, see Identifiers and String and Character Literals.