7 Days to Die Console Commands and Cheat Codes

7 Days to Die Console Commands Complete List

An open-world survival horror video game, 7 Days to Die is an early access title. It was developed by The Fun Pimps.

You can gain many advantages in the game by using these cheats and console commands. The cheat codes listed here will provide you with various types of resources and provide useful modes to users.

7 Days to Die Console Commands

Complete List of 7 Days to Die Console Commands & Cheat Codes

Console CommandDescription
giveself [item id] [quality level (1-6)]With this console command, an item with the specified item ID will appear in front of your character. You can optionally specify a quality level for the spawned item.
buff [buff id]With this console command, you get the specified buff. You can also buff someone else using this command.
debuff [buff id]Remove a buff from local player to yourself
buffplayer [steam id / player name / entity id] [buff id]The specified buff will be assigned to the player whose ID is specified.
debuffplayer [steam id / player name / entity id] [buff id]It removes the specified buff from the specified player or entity.
switchviewThe first/third-person mode is toggled by this command
systeminfoFind out about your current system CPU or Operating System
debugmenuUse this to On or Off the debug mode
exhaustedYour character will become exhausted when you use this cheat.
giveselfxp [xp amount]By entering this cheat code, you’ll gain the specified amount of XP.
creativemenuUse it to enable or disable the creative menu
spawnsupplycrateIt will spawn a Supply Crate at the current location.
admin [‘add’ / ‘remove’ / ‘list’] [steam id / player name / entity id] [permission level]Use it to manage the user permission level
kick [steam id / player name / entity id] [“kick message”]This command will kick any player you mention
kickall [“kick message”]Kick all the players
whitelist whitelist [‘add’ / ‘remove’ / ‘list’] [steam id / player name / entity id]The admin command adds a player to the whitelist, removes a player from the whitelist, or lists all players on the whitelist. 
ban [‘add’ / ‘remove’ / ‘list’] [steam id / player name / entity id] [duration + duration unit] [“message”]Use this Ban or Unban the player
killallKill all the players on the server. All zombies and entities will also be killed.
teleport [steam id / player name / entity id] [x y z] [offset x y z] [view direction]With this console command, you can teleport yourself to any location
teleportplayer [steam id / player name / entity id] [steam id / player name / entity id] [x y z] [view direction]You can use this console command to teleport another player to a location.
showclouds [texture file name]You can use this console command to set your game’s clouds to a specific cloud texture.
repairchunkdensity [x z] [‘fix’]It will check if the densities of blocks in a chunk match the actual block type or not
weather [weather setting]Using this command, you can change the world’s weather to whatever you specify.
weathersurvival [‘on’ / ‘off’]You can use this command to enable (‘on’) or disable (‘off’) weather in your game.
spawnentity [player id] [entity id]The entity ID specified by this command will be spawned
spawnwanderinghordeThe command will spawn a horde of zombies that will roam the map.
givequest [quest id]You will receive the quest with the specified quest ID if you use this cheat.
removequest [quest id]This cheat will remove the quest with the specified quest ID from you.
say [“message”]Using this command will send a message in chat to all players connected to the server (under the chat name “Server”).
cp [‘add’ / ‘remove’ / ‘list’] [command] [0 – 1000]Add a command to the command permission list.
listplayersThis command will list all the players with IDs, Health, Stats, IP address, Positions
versionYou can use this admin command to find out what version of the game you are playing as well as what mods you have installed.
water limit [amount]By using this command, you can limit the number of water flow updates that can be run simultaneously.
thirstyIt will make you thirsty if you run this console command.
spectrum [spectrum id]With this console command, you can set the game’s lighting spectrum (how the sky looks and what it produces) to the specified spectrum.
gettimeThe command tells you the current game time, including the date and the day that it is.
spawnscouts [steam id / player name / entity id] [x y z]It will summon you particular screamer
listentsList all the players, animals, and zombies
shutdownThe admin command will shut down the game.
spawnairdropIt will spawn an air drop
staticmapSwitch the Navzgane map
listplayeridsLists all players connected to the server, along with their entity IDs.
setgamestat [game stat] [value]This console command will set any game statistic to any value
getgamestat [string]Show the list of current game stats
setgamepref [game preference] [value]Sets the specified game preference to the specified value.
getgamepref [string]Show the list of the current game preferences
starveIt will make you starve.
settempunit [c / f]This command will set the temperature unit to Celsius or Fahrenhiet
memclIt will show memory information on client and calls garbage collector.
memThis command prints memory (RAM) information about the server to the console, including free memory and heap size. The garbage collector is also called in order to clear the RAM.
traderareaIt will Show all trade areas
exportitemiconsAll item coins are exported to the game folder
lightsTurn the light on or off
shownexthordetimeDisplay the horde time
pplistPrints a list of all PersistentPlayer data.
clearYou can use this command to clear all messages and text from the console.
listthreadsList threads using the listthreads console command
spawnscreenYou can use this command to play the spawn screen effect
showalbedoHiding or unhiding the albedo in the gBuffer
settime [‘day’ / ‘night’] [0-24000] [d hh mm]It will set the game time
help [command]Show the help text
sounddebugEnables and disables (toggles) SoundManager debug output.
shownormalsgBuffer allows you to display or hide normal maps
loggamestate [header] [true / false]Write the information on the current state
chunkcacheYou can use this console command to display all the chunks that are loaded into the cache.
loglevel [log level] [true / false]Configure the type of log messages shown on the connection
saveworldUse this command cheat to save the world manually
showchunkdataShow some data of the current chunk
aiddebugBy using this command, you can toggle the AIDirector debug output on and off.
showspecularDisplay specular values in gBuffer by enabling or disabling

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