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How to install games on 3ds without fbi

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It happens frequently that Nintendo 3DS users from Argentina when buying a prepaid code with email delivery for the Nintendo eShop USA, receive correctly the alphanumeric code but claim that the corresponding QR code was not sent.

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We are going to explain the differences between the prepaid Nintendo eShop codes and the Nintendo eShop QR codes that are used for digital downloads of full games, add-ons and videos in the eShop in the USA region.

The QR code is a black and white geometric image type code in square format that functions as a redirection link, for example: to the download site of the demo version of a game, to a text with instructions, or to read more details before purchasing a particular game.

These QR codes are usually presented on game sales websites, in the eShop itself, on promotional sites, etc. and to read them the Nintendo 3DS camera is used directly.

For obvious reasons you must have internet connection at the time of pointing to the code with the camera of the console. So in less than 2 seconds it identifies it and you can access directly to the demo game in the eShop, the promotion of the ad, etc..

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