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Stop, Tutti Fruti, Basta… a game that we have probably all played, also has its online version in which you can challenge your friends to see who can write faster. Stop! consists of creating a list of words that all start with the same initial, corresponding to a series of specific themes. In this way, the winner will be the one who writes the fastest, with the letter F for example, a name, a place, a food, a country…Asked

It is the version of Trivial Pursuit without ‘cheese’ to play against your friends. In this one you will spin a roulette that will define which category of questions you will have to answer, among science, art, history, sports, geography and shows. The roulette is completed by the ‘crown’ that will give us the points to win the game. If the answer is correct, the game continues.  Mario Kart

One of the most famous games and best received by users when it came out for Nintendo 64 was Mario Kart. Now, the Japanese company has released a mobile version that allows you to play with up to seven friends or opponents from all over the world. The mythical game allows you to use the characters of the Mario Bros. saga as racing drivers to compete both online and offline.

Absurd games

When I get on a board I don’t do it to land the best possible trick. I do it because, in a sense, I am freer. I “unlock” a whole new way of moving that makes me see the world differently. I no longer see streets, sidewalks and walls; I see ramps, jumps and grinds. I see a different world where I make the street my playground. In this sense, doing a kickflip over a curb is not just a trick to please myself or show off, nor to measure myself against others and form a board where I have people above and below me. It is a way to make that curb mine, to appropriate that space and re-signify myself along the way. It is a way of feeling authentically free. That’s why for me the best trick I can do has the same value as the simple fact of skating down a deserted street. Because in essence, in both cases I’m doing the same thing: appropriating and resignifying my being in the world through a board and four wheels.

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This is something that most skate video games don’t understand. In the works mentioned at the beginning you get on a board in order to do tricks: get the highest score, chain the longest combo, climb an online leaderboard…. What I want (and do in real life) is for the trick to come up because I’m on the board. I want that trick to come out organically, spontaneously, as an inevitable consequence of my new way of moving and understanding the world from on top of the skateboard. And OlliOlli World is a surprise because it is a videogame that seems to understand this concept from the beginning.

Heist simulator

The result has a clear winner: The Sims 4. EA’s simulation game, especially popular on PC, has a huge amount of tricks that allow you, for example, to receive infinite money, that all objects are free, that you can build your houses anywhere… or even maximize all the attributes of your sim and that all the characters can magically fall in love with you.

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Does this detract from the excitement of a game that is supposed to emulate real life, with all its bumps? Well, everyone is free to enjoy the games as they please. Just in case, here we leave you a good portion of Sims 4 tricks…

In both countries, the following positions are occupied by The Sims 3 and Red Dead Redemption 2 (as in GTA V, it is full of codes). Minecraft is another one that no one is surprised that is riddled with cheats, but from there the classics come in.

GTA San Andreas, Pokémon Fire Red, Pokémon Emerald, Age of Empires 2 and 3, StarCraft 2, Skyrim, Saints Row 2, 3 and 4 GTA IV… anyone who has played those games will understand all the potential they can reveal thanks to cheats.

Real Life Games for Girls

Generally video games make use of ways other than visuals to provide interactivity and information to the player. Audio is almost universal, using sound reproduction devices such as speakers and headphones. Another type of feedback is through haptic peripherals that produce vibration or force feedback.

Typically, video games recreate virtual environments and situations in which the player can control one or more characters (or any other element of the environment) to achieve one or more objectives within certain rules.

The software program or logical support contains all the information, instructions, images and audio that make up the video game. It is recorded on cartridges, optical disks, magnetic disks, special memory cards for video games, or it is downloaded directly to the device through the Internet.

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The input devices are those that allow the player to operate the game. While it is common to use an external input device -such as the classic keyboard and mouse, the controller, or the joystick-, today’s portable platforms (smartphones, tablets, handheld game consoles…) allow playing through their touch screen or through the movement of the device itself (thanks to the use of gyroscopes and accelerometers). Other input devices can be motion detectors, including handheld devices (e.g. the Wii Wiimote), pressure devices (mats or supports with sensors), virtual reality devices such as PlayStation VR and image capture devices, such as the Xbox Kinect. Voice can also be used in those video games that support it through voice processors.