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To help you take full advantage of WhatsApp, we are going to tell you 29 tricks to master WhatsApp taking advantage of all the features and all the settings that may interest you in your day to day with this chat application.

The above is the general option, although you can also have a custom setting for each chat. To do this, you must go to the profile of that person or group and tap on Visibility of multimedia files.

The law is made the trap, and there are several ways to read messages, view photos and listen to voice clips of other people without them knowing and without having to disable the read confirmation. A very easy way to read messages without them knowing, on an Android mobile, is with its widget.

Related to the previous trick, when you send a message to a group, not everyone in the group will read the messages at the same time. If you want to see who has read a message in a group, you can do it as follows:

If you want, you can set WhatsApp privacy so that your profile picture is visible only to the people you have in your contacts, to everyone, or to no one (i.e. your eyes only). This is how you can configure it:

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THE ERA OF MODERN PRESIDENT SIMULATOR is an Android game with release date 12/21/2018 by Oxiwyle. Game genre: Strategy. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling up from the best players, the developers’ answers to players’ questions, beginner guides from the official website and our secrets to pass the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.

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How do I get crystals? Crystals are an elite currency needed to instantly complete an action. Crystals can be earned in battles, completing tasks or watching advertisements, as well as buying them in the store.

How to increase fertility? Population growth is influenced by the level of taxes and the absence of shortages of goods in the country. The positive effect can be obtained from bonuses of religion and laws, or after the annexation of another state.

Higher qualification. The change in the ruler’s rating depends on the level of taxation and scarcity of goods. There is a high risk of rebellion against the ruler with a rating below 10.

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Fixer, merc, soldier, spy in Cyberpunk 2077 at 100%We show you how to complete the quest Fixer, merc, soldier, spy in Cyberpunk 2077. Make a name for yourself that everyone knows in Night City and become the most sought after merc of all.

Another option, if you have enough technical skill, is to open the door in front of the elevator to get another access card. In any case, you must take the elevator up. The marker will take you to a terrace, you can go up to the balcony on the left. Duck to avoid being discovered and hack the camera in the corner to deactivate it.

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There will be an enemy in the room, distract him with one of the machines and go to the terrace, where you will see an enemy leaning on the railing. Neutralize him and hide him behind a wall. If he moves, hide and wait for him to come back out.

If all went well, there should be one guard left inside. Hack one of the devices in the room to distract him and have him turn his back to the terrace to knock him out. Now you can take the spike from the table and leave the way you came without anyone noticing your presence. Call Regina to be able to deliver the skewer.

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After releasing the mecha shooter SHOGO: Mobile Armor Division, the mood at Monolith Productions was low. Although the critical reception had been relatively good, internally it was felt that SHOGO did not live up to the expectations the developers had set for itself, and in some respects it was just plain broken.

The fascinating thing about The Operative: No One Lives Forever (from now on NOLF, because I’m not going to type that very long name again) is that in some respects it underwent as turbulent a development as Monolith’s previous 3D shooters. What’s more, you can see the results of it in the game itself, because there are many things in NOLF that just don’t work.

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Monolith had an idea: make the protagonist a woman, but keep the basic Bond characteristics. Suddenly, they went from having nothing to say about sixties spy fiction to having everything.

There are a few stumbles, such as the fact that the first time we see Archer is in the shower, something that threatens to spoil everything good Monolith does with the character later on. But there’s also a clever and amusing commentary to it. There’s a great recurring gag in which all the codenames Archer receives from his contacts are made up of sexual innuendo. However, these agents are mortified at having to use them, and one spy even talks to the fourth wall by stating that “these code names have a bit of a confessional tone, don’t you think?”.