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Go to guide indexStart guideRust, the multiplayer title by Facepunch Studios, is one of those games in which the gameplay revolves around survival in very hostile conditions. It’s not simply that you have to collect resources or confront nature’s threats. No, in this case, other players will be the biggest of your problems and the most common cause of your (shamefully frequent, surely) deaths.

Table of contents1. Basic considerations to start playing2. Tips and tricks to win and survive3. Weapons4. Clothing, armor and costumes5. Resources6. Tools7. Building bases8. Commands and tricks9. Frequently Asked Questions

Rust offers a fairly complete and varied arsenal for players to arm themselves when attacking or defending against any hostility. During the games you can create, buy or loot many weapons of all kinds, and there are up to 9 different classes or types that, of course, we break down in our guide. In addition, we also reveal the Top 10 of the best weapons in the title.

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Unlike other times, we are told beforehand where the merchant Liben is located, to whom we must deliver all the materials he asks for. If we do this on a daily basis, we can open one of the boxes of rarities and get Protogems and other rewards.

But of course, the inside of the rarity box of the Genshin Impact Bazaar of Wonders event probably won’t impress you at all, and instead of exchanging what you got for materials with other players, there is a way for you to choose the contents of the box.

The Bazaar of Wonders event will be available until January 30, so you have more than enough time to get your hands on a bunch of rewards including Protogems, but also Hero Wits, Refinement Minerals and more.

Well, when you visit the merchant Liben you will be able to see the inside of the box he has prepared for you that day as long as you bring him the materials, but we may not be entirely interested. If we do not deliver the materials during that day we will lose the reward, and the next day he will offer us another one.

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Now hundreds of games are accumulated in boxes on reels waiting for a second life in which -please let it be so- my definitive residence until they take me out feet first. It’s about time to put my collection back together again, and that’s where the next discovery comes in.

Making use of old cassette cases, this user is selling covers and packaging for Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games. The idea, which on paper sounds regular, looks amazing as soon as you see it in motion.

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Cheats are used to alter the way the game is played, usually in order to obtain certain effects or benefits that would not normally be available. In most cases, cheats are an extra help, although some affect the player adversely.

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Discover the entire map (main view and minimap) and remove the fog of war, give the player an extra 100,000 of all resources and upgrade all units. When re-introduced, the map will be explored but with fog of war.