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After its commercial success, it had a direct sequel, known outside of Japan as Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, since in the West it was marketed as the direct sequel to a variation of another game Miyamoto-san had been involved in, Yume Koujou Doki Doki Panic! It also had a variety of “alternate” versions, such as All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros. as well as arcade, movie and TV series adaptations.

Meanwhile, Nintendo tried to license the Popeye character, to create a virtual adaptation of the character. However, it could not get anything from the negotiations with the owners of the rights of this cartoon, so the company (based on the same scheme) estimated that it could create new characters that could be used in future games.[5] This is how the game Donkey Kong is created replacing the roles: Jumpman, Pauline and Donkey Kong, would be the “tributes” to Popeye, Olivia and Brutus. The video game was successful in the United States.[4][6][7][8][8][8][8][8][9][9][9][10][10

Super Mario Bros Cheats For GBA or NES

Both Super Mario Bros. save your progress at all times, but if you lose all your lives… start from the beginning. Fortunately, you can avoid this with infinite lives. Press and hold the A button on the title screen of Super Mario Bros. or SMB 2 to unlock infinite lives. You must hold down the button for about 5 seconds, you will see and hear a sound.

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In both SMB and SMB2, you can choose from the title screen which world you want to start in. To do this, simply press the B button and you will see on the top right of the screen how it changes (World 1-1, World 2-1…).

If you complete The Lost Levels you will see a star on the title screen. If you complete it eight times, you will see eight stars… and you will unlock a hidden world with four levels. You must press B to enter it (A-1, A-2…).

In this original G&W game, you can play as good old Luigi by holding down the A button for 5 seconds. Pressing it once will open the game, but hold the A button longer to switch to Luigi.


Esos niveles, sin embargo, son un desastre. Están rotos, contienen enemigos que no tienen cabida en ellos (¡¿un goomba bajo el agua?!), y tienen un aspecto completamente banal. Son los hijos bastardos del juego más venerado de Nintendo, escondidos en los anales de los chips envejecidos de cada cartucho. Son niveles que Nintendo nunca quiso que nadie viera, y la compañía nunca ha hablado de ellos por ello.

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Es uno de los muchos niveles ocultos que contiene “Super Mario Bros.”, y quizá sea el más conocido. Puedes llegar a él realizando un incómodo salto hacia atrás en el segundo nivel del juego, el 1-2, de esta manera:

Pero eso es sólo el principio. Hay un truco mucho más complicado que permite a cualquiera acceder a cientos de niveles ocultos en el ‘Super Mario Bros.’ original. Necesitas tres elementos para conseguirlo: primero, un cartucho original de ‘Super Mario Bros:

Secret Cheats: Super Mario Bros. Glitches Nes Mini Classic

This is a list of video game accessories that have been released for the Game Boy handheld console and its successors. The accessories add functionality that the console would not otherwise have.

Main article: Game Boy CameraThe Game Boy Camera and the Game Boy Printer (Pocket Camera and Pocket Printer in Japan) were accessories for the Game Boy handheld game system and was released in 1998. The camera can take basic, often grainy black-and-white digital images using the Game Boy system’s palette of four shades of black. The printer uses heat-sensitive paper to “burn” saved images, making a hard copy. There are also several mini-games built into the camera. An image of the player’s face is used as the avatar in the mini-games. Both accessories were marketed by Nintendo as lighthearted entertainment devices in the three major video game regions of the world: Japan, North America and Europe.[citation needed] The old N64 magazine went so far as to devote a monthly section to the devices.[citation needed] The N64 magazine was also a popular source of information about the devices.[citation needed] The N64 magazine was a popular source of information about the devices in the United States.

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