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PS2NA June 21, 2002EU September 6, 2002AUS March 30, 2003JP September 1, 2005Game Boy AdvanceNA April 8, 2003EU May 2, 2003AUS May 23, 2003Mobile PhoneNA June 17, 2003EU June 24, 2003Genre(s)

Stuntman is an action racing video game developed by Reflections Interactive. The video game was released for PlayStation 2 in the United States on June 21, 2002, in Europe on September 6, 2003, in Australia on March 30, 2003, and in Japan on September 1, 2005. Game Boy Advance and cell phone versions were released between April and June 2003.

The Scarab of Lost Souls is the fifth film of the video game. It is an adventure film whose plot takes place in Egypt and is reminiscent of the first Indiana Jones film. This movie is the step from mediocre productions to films with a certain relevance and a more than considerable budget, so the player will have to reduce his failures if he wants to progress in the plot. In addition, as already happened in Complot, the player will have to get used to driving on a complicated terrain such as desert sand. The set of manageable vehicles in this film is varied; from off-road cars to armored vehicles, including motorcycles with sidecars.[6] The game is also available in a variety of different versions.

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PS2 | How to mount a hard disk in 5 min without complications

The most extended tonality was blue for the 3,500 games of the system, although you will have found white, black or the also mythical Platinum grays. Amaray was the company responsible for creating millions of boxes all over the world, so what is the meaning of each one of them? Here are the answers, which respond to all kinds of reasons.

A veritable overpopulation of blue on the shelves of thrift stores and in our homes. The PS2 was black, but most of the boxes adopted blue as the most distinctive feature. With its arrival in 2000, Sony had three rivals to try to dominate the market worldwide.

PS2 was born with black cases and in order to differentiate itself, a chromatic change was approved. Blue was used until the end of its days for the system’s games and it had up to three versions:

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Another true classic for gamers’ libraries. As with PS1, PS2 introduced its own line of Platinum titles, which surrounded the box with distinctive black and silver-gray colors. This color was adopted for games that had been well received on the console and returned at a lower price, so the examples are of all kinds.


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Los Simpsons Bowling – La noche del terror en el árbol – Los Simpsons Wrestling – Los Simpsons Road Rage – Los Simpsons: Skateboarding – Los Simpsons Hit & Run – Los Simpsons Game – Los Simpsons: Minutos para el deshielo – Los Simpson: Itchy and Scratchy Land – Los Simpsons Arcade

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Los Simpsons – Los Simpsons Pinball Party – Los Simpsons Sez Sound – Bart’s Skateboarding – Bart vs. Homersaurus – Bartman Avenger of Evil – Bart Simpson’s Cupcake Crisis – Los Simpsons Wrist Electronic LCD Game – Los Simpsons Electronic LCD Game – Los Simpsons 20Q