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Complete Guide to Pokémon Sword and Shield: Cheats, secrets and tipsWelcome to Vandal’s guide to Pokémon Sword and Shield where you will learn how to get all the Pokémon and discover all the tricks and secrets to complete the game at 100%.

Go to the guide indexStart of the guideWelcome to our official guide to Pokémon Sword and Shield, where we will help you become the best trainers in all of Galar and not miss a single one of the many secrets it hides. With the return of the saga after Let’s Go in 2018, Sword and Shield are the true completely original installment for Nintendo Switch.

Throughout this guide we will cover all the parts of interest, such as what’s new in terms of Dinamax mechanics, the new forms of Galar, the special evolutions of certain Pokémon…. everything you need to know, and things you didn’t know you needed, but that will come in handy.

Here’s an in-depth walkthrough with our 100% complete guide to the Story and Paths of Pokémon Sword and Shield – what would a game of this caliber be without its main adventure? Get ready because there are plenty of surprises in store for you to discover; lots of new characters to meet, the 8 Gym leaders you’ll have to defeat, the legendaries to capture, and much more! All to help you become the worthy Champion of the Pokémon League of the Galar region.ADVERTISEMENT

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Pokémon sword guide

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This is a guide for those who want to get some information before starting to play Terraria without knowing so much about this title. Here is everything you can know about the beginnings of the game, from your first day, to the underworld. If you need more information about a specific biome or Object, this wiki is full of pages to help you in your Terraria adventure.

Before starting to play, it is necessary to create a character and a world. If you will be playing alone, start by going to the “Single Player” section and then go to “Create Character”. When creating your character you can choose from its gender to its style of shoes and shirt, but if you don’t want to waste too much time you can press the Random button so that everything is generated randomly, as this does not affect the game.

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GLOWING GOLD: The places that emit a golden glow are optional dungeons and caverns where you will find loot and experience. Those sites whose glow is blue is because they are part of the main quest.

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DESOLATED FARM: Searching the Khazra Lair you will find a seemingly abandoned farm that contains the remains of a beast. Examine the remains to activate the attack of a group of enemies. After defeating them you will have rescued a farmer who will invite you to meet his wife.

THE RATHE FAMILY: If you manage to find the Infected Crypt, look for Willa Rathe who will ask you to kill her family that is now cursed. Beware of this crypt because it is full of enemies and can not neglect you for a single moment. The reward for completing the mission of the young Rathe will be a glowing chest.

PRECIOUS METALS: The Lost Mine is another dungeon that you can find with a little luck. In it, in addition to numerous enemies, you will meet Tashun the Miner who you must escort to the back of the cave. After helping Tashun and getting everything he needed, you will be able to buy special weapons and armor as well as gold and experience.

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SOUL KNIGHT is a game for Android with release date 02.16.2017 by ChillyRoom. Game genre: Action. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling up from the best players, developers’ answers to players’ questions, beginner’s guides from the official website and our secrets to pass the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.

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Game characters. There are 17 playable characters in the game, 8 of which are purchased for real money. Each character has its own amount of health, protection, energy and critical hit chance, which increase as you pump the character. In addition, each character has a special ability that can be upgraded by pumping the character. All characters have alternate abilities that can be unlocked with real money, gems or special materials.

The Knight is one of the playable characters in the Soul Knight game. He is the starting character. The name speaks for itself, this is a knight with gray iron armor and a golden carapace near the face. He also has an opaque red cloak that unfolds in the wind. Starting Weapon – Old Pistol. The knight is unlocked from the start. You don’t have to pay anything to play them.